Kirsten's Adventures
The below are the archived adventures of Kirsten, an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and her friends.

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Kirsten in her summer dress and garland sitting on Easter grass The pioneering adventures
3.20.06 - Meet Kirsten!
3.22.06 - Nice and clean!
- Kirsten's Work Dress
4.3.06 - The Bread Making Adventure
4.10.06 - Kirsten's Laundry Adventure

Mini Kit and Pegleg Sally join the crew
4.19.06 - Meet Mini Kit!
4.27.06 - Kirsten's Dance
5.9.06 - Meet Pegleg Sally!
5.17.06 - The Return of Mini Kit
5.20.06 part 1 - Mini Kit's Ohio Adventures part 1
5.20.06 part 2 - Mini Kit's Ohio Adventures part 2

Kirsten in her work dress looking over Mini Kit's in her box.

Kirsten in her summer dress, Mini Kit in a flour sack dress, Mini Nellie, and Pegleg Sally eat cupcakes. Meet Mini Nellie
5.26.06 - Meet someone else?
6.4.06 - Hooray for the craft swap!
6.16.06 - Happy birthday, Kirsten!
6.21.06 - Kirsten gets restrung.
6.22.06 - Happy birthday to the cheap lady!
7.9.06 - Road trip for Kirsten!

Meet Regular Nellie
7.16.06 - Kirsten visits American Girl Place Los Angeles!
8.7.06 - How Mini Nellie became Regular Nellie.
8.21.06 - Upstairs adventures.
9.1.06 - Kirsten and Nellie go outside!
9.16.06 - Out of sequence...but new stuff!!!
9.25.06 - Still a rather peculiar sequence, but a pretty yukata and a pretty fairy.
Nellie, in her meet outfit, hugs Kirsten, in her midsummer outfit.

Kirsten on stilts in Addy's Stilting Outfit and Nellie in her yukata with Samantha's white shoes with bows on them
Presents galore!
10.13.06 - Lots of gifts for the girls, and my cheap display!
10.26.06 - Happy birthday, Nellie!
10.30.06 - Happy Halloween!
12.10.06 - Presents for all! (Thanks, Colleen!)
1.28.07 - The world's latest Christmas album!
5.17.07 - Mini Kit is awesome!  (And you thought the Christmas album was late.)
6.11.07 - Mini Kit's Mini Party!  (And thank you, Secret Sister!)
8.19.07 - Kirsten's LATE birthday party.

9.18.07 - Mini Kit's journey.
12.15.07 - Mini Kit returns, and Kirsten's Chicago Adventure.
1.6.08 - Kirsten gets greedy at Judi and Carly's.
3.31.08 - Kirsten at the Swissotel!

Kirsten shoves Mini Kit into her doll box with Nellie looking on.

Kirsten (in her dirndl outfit) and May stare each other down while Nellie watches.
Here comes May
6.3.08 - Kirsten ponders retirement.
6.9.08 - Meeting a new girl?
8.3.08 - Kirsten's Xtreme!!!! Adventures
9.8.08 - Kirsten gets some time away.
10.4.08 - Movie night, with a visitor!
10.18.08 - Special news about Nellie.
10.20.08 - Happy birthday, Nellie!
12.24.08 - A Kirsten Carol

A Mysterious Girl
8.9.09 - Partying like it's 1855!
8.31.09 - G--g--ghost???
9.18.09 - Mini Kit's Mini Pirate Hat Tutorial
9.30.09 - Special news about Kirsten.

A dark image of a mysterious girl

Kirsten cradles Sari in her Checked Dress apron
Plot?  What plot?
5.3.10 - Kirsten feels left out.
8.8.10 - Kirsten continues her jealous rage.
10.31.10 - Happy Halloween!

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