X="an 18-inch-tall girl from".
Kirsten = "X + 1854".
Nellie = "X + 1906".
Y="a 6.5-inch-tall doll from".
Mini Kit = "Y + 1934".

The below = their 12/25 story (and yes, the world's latest Christmas album).

Nellie sat down and joyfully worked out the pseudo-math problems.

"Stop that!" Kirsten called.  "You know any text up there just means we're having another adventure, right?"

"And that particular text means the Cheap Lady is out of witty introductions," Mini Kit added.

"She was out of witty introductions months ago," Kirsten replied.  "And this adventure is over a month late!"

"And getting later by the second," Mini Kit complained. 

"Okay," Kirsten agreed.  "Let's get started!"

"Could you please be quiet, Miss Kirsten?" Nellie asked.  "I almost have the problems worked out!"

Kirsten and Mini Kit rolled their eyes.

No, it wasn't St. Lucia Day; it was actually Christmas morning!

St Lucia

"St. Lucia invites you to a delicious breakfast of traditional Swedish breakfast burritos and cinnamon buns!" Kirsten called.

I'm not so sure it was traditional, but my family all liked it.

Then it was time to open presents!  My mom's Kit got her present first.  Well, it happened to be my mom's present too.  And my mom did like it; it matches her decor, after all!

Kit's outfit

Isn't she cute, even with the crooked collar?  The outfit was based on the red-orange checked blouse/jacket at this page (scroll down to the yellow dress, currently roughly in the middle).  That makes it a vintage 1930s pattern, though the colors make it look a bit 1970s to me....hm.  Ah well; I still say it's cute!  The shoes and hair comb are from Kit's School Outfit.

"That's nice," Kirsten said.  "But what about us?  I don't remember ever having a Christmas with you since you opened my box!"

"Yeah!" Mini Kit asked impatiently.  "I want my present!"


I couldn't say "no" to a face that cute.  "Here's the first present!" I called.


"What are those?" Kirsten asked.

"I'll check!" Mini Kit called, climbing up the back.

My Precious

That's right, they're the theater seats that I've been in love with ever since they came out!

Kirsten grumbled, "I thought you were supposed to get nice things for me.  These theater seats are for you, aren't they?  I don't think they're even historically accurate for 1854!"

I hummed innocently.  "I can't exactly sit in them, Kirsten!"

Nellie murmured, "I'd always wanted to go out to see a show, Miss Cheap Lady..."  And she demurely sat down.

"Sit down, Kirsten," I said, "or you won't get your present."

I've never seen her move so fast.


"Hey!" Kirsten yelled.  "I want my present!"

"Nellie's first," I said.  "She is the new girl."

"Hmph," Kirsten said.

Note the industrious recycled wrapping paper job.

Nellie carefully unwrapped the package....

You're too good to me

"Oh!" Nellie cried.  "An apron!  Now I can get work done without mussing my dresses!  Oh, Miss Cheap Lady, you're too good to me!"

"Now we can ask her to do our chores!" Kirsten said.

"Yay!" Mini Kit cheered. 

"You don't even have any chores!" I replied.

Nellie took the wrapping paper and put it away, all the while, keeping her nightgown nice and clean.

Neat and clean

Kirsten and Mini Kit both demanded their presents.  Kirsten won the coin flip.

Mine mine

Recycled wrapping again!

"Who cares about the wrapping paper?" Kirsten asked.  "I just want what's inside!"  And she pulled it out...


That's right, it's Kirsten's flannel nightgown, handmade from her patterns!  If I would've known how difficult it was to make, I probably would have just bought it from the website.  But it's really very pretty, and I'm proud of myself for making it!

"Thank you, Cheap Lady!" Kirsten said.  "Can you please iron it now?"

"No!" Mini Kit said.  I was glad to hear her defend me, until she added, "She can't go iron your nightgown because I still need to open my present!"

"All right, all right," I said, pulling the bag out from behind my back.  Mini Kit tried to look inside...

Mine mine mine

...and the bag tipped over! 


"It sounds like hollow coconuts inside," Kirsten noted.

Nellie said, "That's impossible!"

We all heard a whinny...


"Oh!" Mini Kit cried.  "It's the pegasus I asked for!"


"She looks like she's related to my doll Miss Dollartree," Nellie offered.

"Hmph," Mini Kit said.  "I think I'll name her Hwin!"

The pegasus whinnied.


"Giddyup!" Mini Kit cried.

"I'm not sure it's safe to ride a pegasus without a helmet," Nellie called.  But Mini Kit promised she'd be careful.

Meanwhile, Kirsten was very excited to see this...


Recently, my mom decided to do a needlepoint ornament for me every year!  She didn't manage to get it finished into an ornament before Christmas, but she stitched it all.  Isn't it cute?  Three St. Lucia girls!  I believe it came in the bag that I put Kirsten's present in, and had a tag on it, "To a real doll."

"That's me!" Kirsten called.

Maybe next year I can ask her to make a Kirsten-sized ornament...hmmm...

"Have a merry very-belated Christmas!" Kirsten called, showing off her new nightgown.

"Yeehaw!" Mini Kit called.

Merry Christmas to all

And...well, note the pink, red, and white (and my extreme tardiness)...let's just say happy Valentine's Day too!

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