Oh no; it's been so long since I've made an album!  (I was busy; sorry.  :( )  I'd better talk quickly to make up for lost time.

Kirstenisan18-inch-tallgirlfrom1854andNellieisan18-inch-tall-girlfrom1906.  MeanwhileMiniKitisa6.5-inchdollfrom1934.


Mini Kit was very excited because her birthday was coming up!

"Show some pictures of whatever fabulous thing you're making me!" Mini Kit called.

I laughed sheepishly.  "Uh, maybe...ah...later....but...er...look!  I put together an album that shows how great mini dolls are!"

"Oh, yay!" Mini Kit said.

"But this page is called Kirsten's Adventures," Kirsten grumbled.  "Shouldn't you be writing about why I'm great?"

I ignored Kirsten (as I am apt to do) and we dropped almost instantly into flashback mode!

It was a bit before Valentine's Day, and the girls were all hard at work crafting, and not cleaning up the huge box of newspapers in the background.  It's more fun to be creative than tidy.


Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen, preparing party treats instead of cleaning my scary kitchen.  It's more fun to be culinary than tidy.  After several tortuous minutes of slaving over a hot stove, I called, "Dinner's ready!"

The girls rushed over to the table, so we'll just need to wait to see what they were up to.

But we can see what I made now!

Luckily, dolls don't need to eat much, so it was okay that I just made them a few little sandwiches and a little pasta.

"Look at my delicious tiny sandwich!" Kirsten called, her eyes shining.


"Hmph.  The sandwiches look better next to me," Mini Kit called.  "They're out of scale for you.  And that's why mini dolls are great."

Not wanting to get into the argument, Nellie happily--and daintily--ate the corkscrew pasta.

And they all ate a bit too much.

While they waited for their food to settle, they finished up their craft, and then of course they had to show off!

Aren't they lovely?  (The valentines, not the dolls.  Okay, the dolls too.  But I'm talking about the valentines here.)

Here they are

Kirsten's valentines were a bit self-serving.  Rather like she is.

"Hey!" Kirsten complained.

Nellie's looked very proper.  And Mini Kit made a tiny Valentine too, since she's so tiny.

"Mini dolls are pocket-sized for your convenience!" Mini Kit called.  "We're the best!"

"You're lucky it's nearly your birthday," Kirsten grumbled, "or I'd show you who's the best..."

"Oh, dear," Nellie said.  "The table is such a mess.  I think we should stop arguing and work together to clear it off; don't you?"

"Wow," Mini Kit said.  "You have strong arms, Nellie!"

"It might go faster if you two helped, Miss Kirsten, Miss Mini Kit," Nellie said.

"I don't think I'm strung tightly enough to help," Kirsten said.  "Sorry."

"And I'm too small to do work!" Mini Kit added.  "Just one more reason why mini dolls are so great!"

When the table was clear, the girls finally noticed...

...AG-sized chocolates!  (They're real; they came from Walgreens and were 75% off, I believe, in the Christmas section back...well, after Christmas.  Hopefully they'll have some next year too!)

"They're so cute!" Nellie called.

"Awfully small, though," Kirsten grumbled.  "Why can't we have Cheap Lady-sized chocolates?"

"I suppose those would be more expensive," Nellie reasoned, "so if Miss Cheap Lady bought us Miss Cheap Lady-sized chocolates, then we wouldn't be able to call her Miss Cheap Lady, would we?"

Luckily, before anyone could try to ponder that paradox, Mini Kit announced, "These chocolates are the perfect size for me!"

"Look; it's almost as big as my head!" she said.  "That's why--"

"Yeah, yeah, that's why mini dolls are so great," Kirsten said.  Then she got an idea.....

"Miss Kirsten!" Nellie called.

"What?" Kirsten called back.

"I'm just curious as to how you produced that wand out of nowhere," Nellie replied.

"The magic of photography," Kirsten said.  "And now--"--she laughed wickedly--"I'm just going to hit these chocolates with the magic biggening wand and then they'll get bigger than Mini Kit, so that she can't even eat them!  Then they'll be all ours!"

Nellie paused.  "I'm not sure the wand works that way, Miss Kirsten."

And Nellie was right.  Nothing happened.

"Hmph," Kirsten said.

And she shuffled off.

"Miss Kirsten, can you put the wand away?" Nellie asked.  "I don't think it's wise to leave supposedly magical artifacts lying about."

Kirsten ignored her, and Nellie dropped the wand....

...and the wand must have picked up a little bit of static electricity from Kirsten's shuffling, because its end hit Nellie, and...

Nellie is Mini Nellie

"Oh my," Mini Nellie said in a squeaky voice.

"I told you, mini dolls are the best," Mini Kit whispered.  "Even big dolls wish they could be like us!"

Kirsten came running.

"Was that the sound of the biggening wand working?" she called.

Mini Nellie shook her little head.  "I guess if you use it backwards, it's a smallening wand."

"'Smallening' isn't a word," Mini Kit corrected.  "Mini dolls are good copy editors, too."

Kirsten suddenly stumbled.

"Agh!" she called as she fell towards the floor in slow-motion.  "Miss...Cheap...Lady...I...don't...need... restruuuuuung!!!!!"

Did it work?

"Oh no!" Mini Kirsten said.  "Now I'm just a mini doll!  No offense, Mini Nellie."

Mini Kit pouted, "But mini dolls are the best!"

"Give me one good reason why," Mini Kirsten said.

"I already gave several," Mini Kit shot back.  "Weren't you paying attention?"

"I got bored," Mini Kirsten replied.

Mini Nellie motioned to the table, silently.

Mini Kirsten looked over....

"CHOCOLATE!"  Mini Kirsten yelled, her eyes going wide.

(Chocolate that's been in the refrigerator too long--this album took quite a while to photograph, and Miss Cheap Lady is rather afraid of ants so she couldn't leave the chocolate out and it got a little weird-looking with the constant temperature shifts--but chocolate is chocolate!)

So the mini dolls--who, by the way, are awesome--started in on their chocolate feast!

Chocolate for all

They finished in the blink of an eye, and then posed for this nice photo.

Group shot

"Wait a minute," Mini Kirsten said.

Oh no

"You two..."

I'm short

"...you're taller than me!"

Mini Kirsten ran off screaming.

Okay, I know what you're all thinking.  And shame on you for looking ahead.  :)

But Mini Kirsten did NOT push Mini Kit down.  Rather, Mini Kit had a bit of a tummy-ache from eating a piece of chocolate nearly as big as her head.


"But mini dolls are still great," Mini Kit groaned.

Kirsten and Nellie used the biggening wand to turn back to their regular-sized selves.  And since the biggening wand does not work on chocolate (believe me, I've tried it too), the chocolate stayed small, and Kirsten and Nellie escaped without any digestive ills.

And look at the wonderful Valentines Judi's daughter Carly sent!  Kirsten and Nellie were so excited!  They jumped up and down in glee, actually, but you have no idea how hard it is to get a picture of a doll in mid-air.  :(

"Thank you so much, Carly!" the girls cried in unison.


Finally, here's one more "mini doll" who is also pretty neat.  (I went to a museum and they had a living history section and this was on the bed so I just had to take a picture.  I think it was supposed to be from around the 1850s - 1880s; I forgot exactly when.  And she's not really a mini doll, I suppose, but she's like a full-sized version of Sari or Felicity's doll, and both of THOSE are mini dolls of sorts.)


Anyway, this is a lovely mini doll (or copy of a mini doll), and as Mini Kit would say--

"Mini dolls are so awesome they get their own birthday party?" Mini Kit asked.

"Well...maybe a mini birthday party," I said.

Stay tuned!

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