Kirsten is an 18-inch tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American frontier. One night, she decided to go on a bit of adventure through my living room, and when I got up in the morning, she had THIS on her face!
"Hey!" Kirsten yelled. "You probably dropped me! I don't even use pens; I write with a slate pencil!"
"Hush, Kirsten."
Anyway, ColonialGirl and DaisyDee at the AG forums on Hostboard (now here) suggested I put some acne cream on her and put her under a lamp. So I did that overnight, and...
Wow! Thanks, you two!
And remember, Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment, for all your American Girl needs!
If it can take the ink off the face of a doll, think what it can do to your face!
(Actually, that's awfully scary.)
Back to Kirsten. I haven't bought her anything since roughly 1991 or so. So when she finally saw a box arrive from American Girl, she got her hopes way up!
"I wonder what's inside," Kirsten said. "I'll bet a dress could fit in there! Or maybe my doll Sari, all the way from China--er--Sweden!"
Kirsten opened the box, her hopes so high, they were six feet above her head and didn't make it into the picture at all. And out came...
"Oh, another doll!" Kirsten said. She pulled that lid off too, and...
That's right, it's Mini Kit!
"Hi!" said Mini Kit, holding her arms out for a hug.
"What is *that*?" Kirsten asked. "You're not a dress!"
When Mini Kit saw the dangerous look in Kirsten's eyes, the tiny doll stepped backwards.
Unfortunately, Mini Kit tripped. And unfortunately, her shoes come off just as easily as everyone online said they do!
Mini Kit climbed up onto Kirsten to retrieve her shoe. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said.
"You're *not* Sari!" Kirsten said. "That's the problem!"
Once Mini Kit was safely on the carpet, Kirsten decided to show *her* what it felt like to get hit by a shoe.
"Tee-hee," Kirsten said.
"Kirsten!" I yelled. "That's not very nice!"
"But you ignored me for years and years and now you went out and bought another doll!" Kirsten whined.

Ever resourceful, Mini Kit pushed the shoe aside (planning to make a boat out of it later, if Kirsten didn't take it back). "I think I can solve this problem," she said.
Mini Kit painstakingly navigated to the American Girl website and searched for herself. "See, Big Kirsten?" Mini Kit said. "There's not a single outfit for me on the American Girls website!"
Kirsten did the laziest double-take ever.
"So," Mini Kit added, "that means that no matter how much she likes me, she can't spend any more money on me! So the next thing she buys will HAVE to be for you!"
Kirsten wasn't quite consoled.

"And look how cheaply my sweater is made," Mini Kit said. "It's all one piece! If anyone wants to make more clothes for me, she'll have to either cut this sweater off, or else make an awful mess of my hair! You might say I'm jealous of *you*. At least you get to change your clothes sometimes."
Kirsten considered.
"Well," she said, "I like Evil Kirsten better, but since it's so hard to climb up onto the bathroom counter to visit her...I guess we can be friends too."

"Hooray!" Mini Kit replied.

"At least," Kirsten said, "until a certain cheap lady buys me Sari."
And for once, Kirsten cornered me into an awkward silence...
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