Kirsten is a 18-inch tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American frontier. When she cooks, she wears an apron to keep her dress clean.

But Kirsten still got some flour on her dress! She was afraid I'd be upset (or, worse, that I'd make her wash it herself), so she decided to slip it in with my laundry.

But, as dirty laundry is prone to do, mine attacked! Oh no! Look out, Kirsten!

Kirsten tried to scream, but her mouth was full of dirty clothes! I had no idea Kirsten was in the pile of laundry, so I put it all in the washer. Kirsten was stuck in the washer, the water quickly rising, but she heroically pushed her way out!

Way to go, Kirsten! You're a hero!

"I almost drowned!" Kirsten yelled. "And almost dislocated my leg!"

"You probably need restrung anyway," I said.

"WHAT?" Kirsten yelled.

"What were you doing in the washer?" I asked. Then I noticed her work dress. "This doesn't belong in here!"

"But it's dirty," Kirsten said.

"But doll clothes don't go in the people washer."

"Does that mean you'll buy me a new dress?" Kirsten asked.

"Uh, no," I said. So we went into the bathroom.

"Hey!" Kirsten said. "There's another Kirsten who lives over there!"

I remembered mirrors were luxuries in pioneer times. "What's her name?"

Kirsten looked into the mirror image's dark, soulless eyes. "Evil Kirsten," Kirsten said. "She's telling me to destroy the washing machine."

"Kirsten, it's not really another doll," I said.

"If you bought me another doll, I wouldn't need to make friends with my evil reflection," Kirsten said.

"Okay, okay, keep your mirror friend."

After Kirsten and Evil Kirsten had a long conversation about how mean I was, we finally got to work washing the dress.

Once it was all clean, Kirsten laid it out to dry.

And once it was dry, we ironed it. (Dolls, be very careful! Irons are even more dangerous than the washing machine!)

Finally, it was nice and clean!

All thanks to...

"Everyday Living Delicate Wash???" Kirsten yelled. "You don't even care enough to use Woolite?!"

"How do you know what Woolite is?" I asked.

"I watch a lot of daytime TV," Kirsten replied.

"Well, it worked, didn't it?" I replied.

Kirsten grumbled, "Oh, Evil Kirsten's going to hear about this..."


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