Kirsten is an 18-inch tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American frontier.

I dressed her up all pretty for Easter...and then did nothing for the holiday. Poor Kirsten! But at least she looked pretty.

"I always look pretty!" Kirsten objected.

OK. At least she always looked pretty.
She was still mad a week later, and decided to sneak into my refrigerator and jump out to scare me the next time I opened it. (Kids, don't ever hide in a refrigerator! I don't recommend it for dolls either, but they don't need air.)
Anyway, before Kirsten could follow through on her exceedingly dangerous, REALLY kids, don't try it, idea, some candy caught her eye...
She forgot all about her hazardous prank and brought the candy out of the refrigerator.

It was a dozen mini Cadbury Creme Eggs!

Kirsten was impressed. "She must have been saving them to give me for...wait a minute. Easter was a week ago! Why was she hoarding this candy???"

When I came to the refrigerator, I was greeted by Kirsten, her eyes glistening with tiny white dots of noticeable rage as she stood poised to pelt me with candy.
"Why'd you hide this candy from me?" she yelled.
I sheepishly said, "I'm sorry; I've been busy. And I wasn't going to get it out until I got to take some pictures of you with it, since it's such a cute size and all."
"Oh," Kirsten said.
"Go on; eat one!" I said. As she put it to her lips, I corrected, "Wait, wait; unpeel the foil first. THEN eat it."
Kirsten did so.
"It's good!" she cried with delight. And I let her have a second one.
"Hooray for chocolate!" Kirsten yelled.
"NOOOOOOOOOO!" I yelled, looking at her chocolate-streaked face. "Your value!"
Kirsten ignored me. "It's springtime, isn't it?" she cried excitedly. "Well, of course it is. Why else would I be in my springtime dress? Well, unless you got lazy again and kept me in the same dress for eight years in a row again. But you couldn't do that, or at least not yet; it hasn't been eight years yet. Anyway, it's spring! Spring makes me think of springing up and dancing once the planting is done! Can we have a dance? Oh, please, please, can we? It'll be so much fun! I've heard you use that weird black box of yours to make music. Let's have a dance!"
I realized I shouldn't have given Kirsten chocolate. "Wash your face," I said, "and I'll show you a surprise."
Kirsten did so, and when she was nice and clean, I showed her...

"What is it?" Kirsten asked.
"It's a game called Dance Dance Revolution," I explained. "You look at the TV screen and stomp on the arrows as they come up to the top of the screen!"
"That's weird," Kirsten said. "Hey, it sure is nice that you have a tiny doll-sized TV!"
I laughed nervously. "Yes, it has nothing to do with me being cheap."
So Kirsten tried to follow the arrows.
She jumped on the right arrow when it came up on the screen.

She stepped on the left arrow fine, too.

But it was a big challenge for her to hit the left and right arrows at the same time!

Still, look!

It may be hard to read, but she got an A on her song!
"Whew!" she cried. "I'm so tired!"
She went through three bottles of water while the demo ran in the background!
"You dance pretty well, for a doll," I said.
"I danced a lot more gracefully than you!" Kirsten said. And when I turned my back to play, she snapped a photo.
"See?" Kirsten said. "I'm more graceful than you are. You dance like a broken teepee in the wind! Actually, you dress a bit like one too. You should try a dress sometime!"
She would have gone on in this vein for a long time, if I hadn't given her some chocolate. Actually, that didn't stop her, but it did distract her long enough for me to get some cotton for my ears.

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