Kirsten Larson is a 18-inch-tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American frontier.  And June 8th is her birthday!  I actually threw her a nice birthday party on her birthday, but didn't manage to get it online until now.

Happy birthday

"Happy birthday, Miss Big Kirsten!"Mini Nellie cried.

"Happy birthday, me!" Kirsten shouted.  Pegleg Sally was there to show her goodwill, too.

"But where's Mini Kit?" Kirsten asked.


Mini Kit was in a bad mood.  "You didn't do anything at all for MY birthday!" she pouted, not even looking up at me.   I tried to explain that Kirsten hadn't had a birthday party in, literally, forever, but she wouldn't listen.

"I know I grew up during the Great Depression," Mini Kit said, "but you could at least make me a dress out of a flour sack!"

"Flour sacks aren't really the same as they were in the 1930s, Mini Kit," I replied. (Actually, you CAN still get giant sacks of flour in cloth bags even at some grocery stores, but I don't need that much flour. Please don't tell Mini Kit!)

"Make me a dress!" Mini Kit demanded, and I finally gave in.

What the

Kirsten and Mini Nellie looked over....


...as Mini Kit modeled her new dress.  "It's stylish!" Mini Kit said.

"Ugh," I replied.

Mini Kit came over to show off.

Maybe a little silly

"What a ridiculous dress!" Kirsten said.

"Hmph," Mini Kit said.  "I'm sure Mini Nellie likes it!"

Hee hee

Mini Nellie only showed me her tiny laugh.

Sorry Miss Mini Kit

"Mini Nellie?" Mini Kit called.

Kirsten laughed.  "I think she thinks it's silly too!"

Mini Nellie tried to hide her face, but she finally let a little giggle loose.  "Sorry, Miss Mini Kit...but you look like a paper doll..."

"That's it!" Mini Kit yelled.

Why you big

"Hey!" Kirsten said, as Mini Kit tackled her.  "I didn't do anything!"

"I know, but if I hit Mini Nellie people will think I'm mean," Mini Kit said, landing several punches.

"Ow!" Kirsten said.  "Stop pulling my hair!  It's my birthday!"

"Girls, girls," I said.  "Settle down!  It's time for presents!"


"Presents?!" Kirsten cried.

"Hooray!" Mini Nellie said.

Kit decided to present her present first.


"Oh, no!" Mini Nellie cried.  "Kirsten, look out!"


"Hey!" Kirsten yelled.  "Are you trying to hit me, Mini Kit?"

"I was going to shower you with presents," the small doll said.

"Miss Mini Kit, that's really not very nice," Mini Nellie said.  And Mini Kit sulkily gave her present.

For your hair

"Hair ties!" Kirsten said.  "Now that cheap lady can braid my hair more often!"

"And you can use it to help you hold things," Mini Kit said.

"Thank you, Mini Kit," Kirsten said.

Then Mini Nellie brought out her present.

Nellie gives Kirsten pink ribbons

"Pink ribbons!" Kirsten cried.  "That's my favorite color and thing to put in my hair!"

"Miss Cheap Lady told me you'd like them," Mini Nellie said.  Kirsten liked them so much, she put them on right away!

And then I gave Kirsten my present.

Mini doll

"It's an American Girls box!" Kirsten said joyfully.  "Wait a minute..."

No way

"...this is a Mini Doll box, isn't it?" Kirsten asked.  "The same kind of box Mini Kit came in!  This had better be a servant or something!  If you bought ANOTHER Mini Kit and gave her to me for my own birthday..."

"Calm down," I said, "and just look inside."

Could it be

Kirsten squealed.  "Sari!!!"


Kirsten got her doll out of the box with lightning speed.  "You bought me Sari!" Kirsten said joyfully.

"I'm so happy for you!" Mini Nellie said.

"I didn't get a doll for MY birthday," Mini Kit said under her breath.


"Does that mean I can't call you Cheap Lady anymore?" Kirsten asked.

"Only until you think of a better name for me," I replied.

Kirsten offered to let Pegleg Sally hold Sari, but she silently declined.  And then...


...it was time for cake!  (For the record, I am NEVER letting them have cupcakes with frosting again.  Only Pegleg Sally and Mini Nellie made it through without getting mussed!)

Agh frosting

Kirsten considered feeding Sari, until she decided dolls don't need to eat...and the cupcake was just too delicious to share! 

Tiny cupcakes

Mini Kit had a few ladylike bites, while Mini Nellie ate her entire cupcake!

Only Mini Kit eats modestly

When Pegleg Sally didn't eat her own cupcake, Kirsten graciously took care of it for her.  And then the girls all bounced around for about an hour.  Sugar can be dangerous.

Happy birthday Kirsten

"Did you have a nice birthday, Miss Big Kirsten?" Mini Nellie asked, hugging her friend.

"It was my favorite birthday ever!" Kirsten replied.

"I'm glad you liked it," I told her.  "Now what are you getting me for MY birthday?"

Kirsten pondered.  "I'll let you hold Sari for a whole five minutes!"

And she calls me "cheap lady."  Oh well.  Happy birthday, Kirsten!

(The latest stunt is kind of cool...a mid-air shot.)

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