Kirsten is an 18-inch tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American Frontier in 1854!

Unfortunately, after the last 152 years, her elastic has grown a bit weak.


I noticed Kirsten was sitting down a lot more than she used to.  "Kirsten," I gently said, "I think you might need restringing."  (Many thanks to Taffy Cheerful for the guide!)

"What?!" Kirsten cried.

"It means the elastic that holds you together inside has gotten a little old," I said.  "But I can make it better!"

Plenty tight

"No!"  Kirsten cried, getting to her feet.  "I'm plenty tight!  Look!"

"Raise your arm higher," I said.

"I don't want to," Kirsten said.

She tried to flee, but I scooped her up and put her on the ironing board...

Floppy Kirsten

...look how loose  and floppy her legs are!

I sat her back up.

"What happened?" Kirsten asked.  "I think I nodded off there."

"I need to restring you, Kirsten," I said.

"Noooo!" Kirsten yelled.

"I spent enough money on the supplies; I'm doing it," I insisted.

Kirsten ran away and hid...

Help me save me

...and would have succeeded, if her legs had been tighter!  But they gave out...


...and she fell right down!

"I'm restringing you," I insisted, though Kirsten struggled.

"Don't put me to sleep!" the poor girl cried.  "I'm scared!  What if I never wake up?"

"You'll be fine, I promise," I said.  "But you  don't want to be awake while I restring you.  It's kind of violent."

"I can take it!" Kirsten said.  "I'm strong!"

We argued for a while, until Mini Nellie cleared her throat.

Nellie is helping

"Miss Cheap Lady, Miss Big Kirsten?" the little doll said.  "Maybe I could read to Miss Big Kirsten.  That might distract her while you're working, and then you can both be happy."

Hooray Nellie

Kirsten hugged Mini Nellie.  "Yeah, let's do that!" she said.

I hesitated.  "Well," I said, "as long as you promise to tell me if it hurts too much.  I can just tip you over and put you right to sleep if you scream, and then you won't feel it.  OK?"

"I won't scream!" Kirsten said.

I showed Kirsten all my supplies, so she wouldn't be scared. 

"What's the water for?" Kirsten asked.  "It's dangerous to get your dolls wet, you know!  Except Mini Kit; she could use a good dunk."


"It's so I can restring you and not have to stop and get up if I get thirsty," I said.

"And what's the big clear bag for?" Kirsten asked.

I didn't have the heart to tell her it was for her stuffing, so I whispered the only emergency use I could think of.

"Oh.  Back where I come from we would've had to go to the outhouse for that," Kirsten said knowingly.  And she settled down while Mini Nellie started to read...

I was very surprised to find this stuck inside when I started work on Kirsten!

A secret

That shows that Kirsten is a very old doll.  And very special (though I knew that already.)

There was a long and gory procedure, but I don't think you need to see it.  Once, I thought I heard Kirsten screaming, but it turns out she was laughing.  I've been watching some Futurama DVDs, so Kirsten very nearly decided to try to recreate that show's head in a jar effect.  Luckily, Mini Nellie kept her in line.

And then Kirsten was all restrung and strong again!


Look how her arms and legs can hold a pose!

"My braids are still floppy," Kirsten said.  "Are you going to restring those too?"

I didn't even dignify that with a response.

Super Kirsten!

But look--Kirsten is super-strong now!

Of course, now she can probably bully me into buying her more clothes.  Darn it.

(There is a VERY hidden file here called 2veryfloppy.jpg.  If you must see one of Kirsten's peach-colored inside cups, you can probably locate the file yourself by using your keyboard, but I'm not linking it because it's very graphic!)

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