Mini Nellie is a doll from New York around the turn of the century.  She's used to working very hard.  And when she found out it was around my birthday, she wanted to get me a present!  But she didn't have any money.  So she decided to sew me a jacket!


Unfortunately, she couldn't press down the pedal.

Oh no

Kirsten decided to use my sorry-looking sourdough starter to bake me some bread!


But unfortunately, she couldn't reach any of my bowls.

Oh no

(It's possible that she might later buy me a Ciabatta sandwich, though.)

Mini Kit wanted to write me a story...


...but even when the startup screen went away, she got writer's block.

Oh no

"Oh no," Mini Nellie cried.  "We didn't get Miss Cheap Lady anything for her birthday!"

Mini Kit said, "I could have at least made her a paper dress."

"Wait, I know!" Kirsten said.

They got together and gave me the one thing dolls can always give...



As they hugged my khaki-covered leg, Kirsten whispered to Mini Nellie, "But next year you have to make her a pretty dress.  Those 'pant' things of hers look ridiculous!"

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