Kirsten is an 18-inch doll from the American frontier.  Back when she was growing up, her mama would have made her clothes, or maybe if she was VERY lucky, her family could've traveled all the way to town and bought a dress.  But nowadays, we can just order Kirsten's clothes from eBay.

And, back in pioneer times, Kirsten would have had to walk alongside her parents' covered wagon for weeks to get to Los Angeles!  AND, there wasn't even an American Girl Store there in 1854!  But now, we can get there after a long car ride.  (And sleep on a friend's couch en route.)  What an age we live in!

Kirsten changed into her new eBay dress and boots (thank you again, Bean, for pointing out the auction :D ).  Then another doll (and her caretaker) came!  The girl who came to meet Kirsten is Visiting Samantha!

Hi hi

The two got along very well.  Visiting Samantha is generally very polite and not mean at all, so Kirsten liked her.  Visiting Samantha is also a little quiet, but maybe she'll open up later.

They had a whole night to get acquainted, and say goodbye to Mini Kit and Mini Nellie (who promised to guard my place).  And then we started the trip the next morning!

Obligatory car pic

Of course they buckled their seatbelt.

"Hooray!" Kirsten cried.  "We're going to the American Girl Store!"

She was far too excited to eat, but my human friend and I got hungry, so we stopped along the way.


There were a lot of ants in the flowers near the entrance, so this was the closest I let the girls get to the store.  The roof rack makes a good seat for dolls.

"Now, I can't buy you TOO much at the American Girls store," I warned.  "Or else I won't have room for you in the car, Kirsten, and we'll have to strap you to the roof!"

Kirsten didn't think that was funny at all.


Finally we arrived at my good friend Jenn's house!  I'm not sure that she and her family knew that they'd have two women AND two dolls coming to visit, but they seemed to take it in stride. 

The girls spent a lot of time in the sitting room area during the trip, and I'm sure they had all sorts of fun without me!

But their most dangerous adventure occurred in the next room...

The Couch

This couch looks like a perfectly ordinary piece of furniture.  But it's easy to forget that this lovely couch is, in fact...


...the energy sucking couch!  Oh no!  This couch has induced many a nap among humans, and probably caused hundreds of hours to be wasted, as its comfort lures people into a wonderful dreamlike state and prevents them from getting up.

But I had no idea it was a danger to dolls!

Samantha no

It might have been hours later when Kirsten remembered that we would soon be going to the American Girl Place, and finally got up.  "Oh, no!" she cried.  "Visiting Samantha!"

The other girl couldn't get up on her own...


...but Kirsten helped her up.  "Visiting Samantha," Kirsten cried.  "Are you all right?"

Samantha murmured something or other; she was still very sleepy.  So sleepy, she couldn't even stand up properly!

"But you'll be all right, won't you?" Kirsten said.  "You can just lean on things when you stand up, right?"

"I think so," Samantha replied.


And she could, though the poor girl is still very relaxed and floppy.  (It has absolutely nothing to do with her elastic being old.)

And the next day, we went off to American Girl Place Los Angeles!  (To be updated sometime in the not-so-distant future!)

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