Kirsten's Adventures (finally)


Mini Kit is a 6-inch-tall doll from 1934.  (But, she really enjoys fantasy and even older historical time periods much, much more than the decade of the Great Depression.  Do you blame her?)

While Kirsten, Nellie, and May are nice, they aren't really in this story (which involves camera tricks, but no photo editing except for cropping).

When we last left Mini Kit, she had stormed off from the others because Kirsten wanted to party like it's 1855, instead of watching a DVD.  When she got to the dark bedroom, she saw...

A strange figure in the darkness

"Hm," Mini Kit mused.  "That doesn't look like Kirsten, a really bratty 18-inch-tall girl from 1854.  From the little I can see, the girl seems to be dressed far too fashionably.  And her hair is so long, she can't be Nellie, or May.  So who could it be?"

She light switch.

"Hm," she mused again, stepping away.  "This is a big adventure.  I need adventurer clothes!  I think I'll go change!"

Heedless of whether or not anyone else cared who the new girl was, Mini Kit slipped back out of the bedroom, toward her box of clothes.

Out in the main room, Kirsten, Nellie, and May were preparing for a rousing round of the popular 1855 game, "Jump the Shark."

Kirsten and May are gathered behind Mini Kit.

"I don't have a leather jacket," Kirsten said, "but I'll figure something out.  Nellie, can I borrow your swimsuit?"

"I don't understand this game," Nellie said.  "Although, it is your belated birthday party, Miss Kirsten, so I suppose we should play along."

"And May," Kirsten added, "you have to find me a motorcycle!"

"Baloney!"  May said.  "Motorcycles did not exist in 1854!"

May sits down in front of Kirsten and Nellie.  (Nellie is holding her swimsuit.)

"Well," Kirsten said, "we're playing 1855, not 1854."

May sighed massively.

Ignoring them, Mini Kit made her way to her clothes box.  She was planning to wear her beautiful warrior princess outfit, but something else caught her eye.  "What is this?"

Mini Kit's T-tunic (sometimes nightgown) has new, better binding on its collar.

"The collar on my T-tunic is fixed!  And--wow!!!"

Mini Kit has a reddish-brown Ren-Faire-type vest as well!

"It's the Ren Faire bodice and skirt I've always wanted!"  Though her warrior princess dress might have been more practical, she couldn't resist the thrill of putting on new clothes.

Mini Kit wears her new outfit and carries her sword.

Soon she was on her way to face the adventure before her!  

She climbed all the way up to the light switch again.  Luckily, the new girl was still on the dresser.  

Mini Kit flipped the switch...

Mini Kit uses her sword to flip the light switch.

The new girl looked startled.

On a small dresser sits an 18" AG doll with LONG PURPLE HAIR is on the dresser!  She wears a unicorn-print bodice and skirt, white socks, tennis shoes, a shirt underneath, and a turquoise crocheted hat.  A white unicorn with purple hair stands beside her.

So did Mini Kit.  

Mini Kit puts her arms up, sword in hand.

"P...p...purple hair?  That's...that's...."

She paused.  "That's so cool!"

She scampered over to the dresser.  

Mini Kit approaches the new girl, her sword-arm behind her back.

Keeping on guard, she said, "Hi!  I'm Mini Kit!"

The girl smiled, but didn't reply.  The girl's smile put Mini Kit at ease, though, and she put her sword down.

Mini Kit gets closer to the new girl.

"What's your name?"  Mini Kit extended her hand, but the girl shied back.  

There is more space between Mini Kit and the new girl.

"What's wrong?" Mini Kit asked, but the girl didn't reply.

"Oh!" A soft, fuzzy face nuzzled Mini Kit's.  "A baby unicorn!"

Mini Kit pets the white unicorn.

She ran a hand through the unicorn's soft mane.  "He's so beautiful!  What's his name?"

Close on the new girl.

The girl's lips moved, but no words came out.

"Oh!" Mini Kit said.  "Can't you talk?  Well, that's all right.  Your dress is so pretty!  You must really like unicorns, huh?"

The new girl nods.

The girl nodded.

"Me too!" Mini Kit said.  "The only thing better than unicorns are pegasii, because they can fly!"

Group shot 

The girl just smiled.

"Hmmm," Mini Kit mused.  "I know!  I'll go through the alphabet and you can stop me when I get to the first letter of your name.  And then we'll keep going until I've guessed what your name is!"

The girl nodded again.

Mini Kit sits down with the new girl.

Mini Kit cleared her throat.  "A, B, C--"

The new girl waves her arms.

The girl waved her arms.

"C, huh?"  Mini Kit smiled.  "All right.  A, B, C..."  She got all the way to "O"...

The new girl raises one hand.

before the girl stopped her.  

Mini Kit complains.

"C-O--Connie!" Mini Kit cried.

The new girl raises both hands part-way.

The girl waved her hands.

Mini Kit sits down again.

"Kind of like Connie," Mini Kit said, sitting down to think.  "Constance?  No?  Coraline?  Corabelle?  Consuela?  Corrie?  Corazon?  Conan?  Conanina?  Carol and you can't spell right?  Hmmmmmm..."

She finally gave up, and started going through the alphabet again, until she got









Mini Kit looks annoyed, and the new girl tries to comfort her.

Mini Kit frowned.  "I already guessed Constance and you said 'no!'"

The new girl just smiled.

Still pouting, Mini Kit ran through the alphabet one more time.  She went right past E, until,

"...W, X, Y--"

The new girl jumps up in excitement.

The girl jumped up and waved her arms.

"Constancy?" Mini Kit scratched her head.  "That's your name?"

The girl grinned, nodding.

"I guessed it!  I guessed it!"  Mini Kit jumped up and down.  She was so excited she tried to hug Constancy....

Mini Kit runs over to hug Constancy

...but something very strange happened.  Mini Kit's arms went right through her!

Constancy turns completely transparent, and Mini Kit goes right through her!

Mini Kit took another step forward, but walked right through Constancy's legs.  "'re a ghost!"

Mini Kit walks right through the ghostly Constancy.

The girl quickly shook her head, but Mini Kit didn't care.

Mini Kit turns around, her face showing through Constancy's body.

"A ghost!" she screamed.  

Constancy leaned down and tried to talk, but Mini Kit still couldn't hear her.

The ghostly Constancy leans down over Mini Kit.

"A ghost!" Mini Kit screamed.  Terrified, she ran away...

Mini Kit's sword is left behind on the dresser, next to a clock radio.

...leaving her sword behind.

At least Constancy got a new toy!

Constancy holds Mini Kit's sword.

Will Mini Kit overcome her fear of "ghosts"?  

And would Miss Cheap Lady really have a ghost in her house?  (Er, I can answer that one--no, no she would not.  :) )

To be continued!

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