Kirsten's Adventures


Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, Nellie is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1906, and May is an 18-inch-tall girl from the 1920s.  Mini Kit is a 6-inch-tall doll from 1934.

(And this adventure is dedicated to ALL the wonderful people I've met on AGFMB, but in particular, the ones who have given so generously to me.  :) )

Kirsten, Nellie, Mini Kit, and May were all very brave girls during my apartment flooding, and I promised them a party when it was over.  With the economy being what it is, we all agreed on a small-scale movie night! (If you're a regular reader and have seen my TV, you'll know it's a VERY small-scale movie night.)

Movie seats are set up--two in front, two elevated behind--with Nellie, Mini Kit, and Pegleg Sally sitting in them.

Nellie, Mini Kit, and Pegleg Sally wore their best clothes (Pegleg Sally's made by Katie148) and waited patiently for the movie to start....

Back view of said scene, looking onto a TV with the DVD menu of Muppet Treasure Island

...while Gonzo and Rizzo implored them to just hit "play."  (The movie is from Julia--thank you so much!)

"Kirsten!  May!" Mini Kit called.  "Hurry up!  I'm bored!"

"I'm coming!" May said.

May is wearing a pretty new dress--a 1920s style with a white collar, lavender fabric, and cranberry ribbons.

"I just have to find my Mabel," she murmured, looking around.  "Oh!"

May finds Mabel

"How did she get here?" May asked, bending to retrieve her beloved stuffed cat.  "It's almost like someone was using her as a dummy to practice using a plastic sword or something."

"My ears are burning!" Mini Kit called from the theater area.

"Hey!" a familiar voice yelled.

Kirsten comes up to May, wearing her plaid dress!

Kirsten glared at May.  "What are you doing, wearing that new dress?"

"I wouldn't call it a new dress," May said.  "I had it on when the apartment was flooded.  Don't you remember?  Now, you're all dolled up--"

Kirsten raises her arms in excitement.

"Oh, yes!" Kirsten said.  "It came from someone really nice.  Isn't she the best person ever?"

May had met the sweet admirer before.  "And how! It does look nice on you."

"I know," Kirsten said.

"But enough about clothes," May said.  "I'm going to go watch the movie with the others."

"Hey!" Kirsten said.  "I wasn't done bragging!  May!"

Kirsten holds up a T-shirt that reads "Kirsten rules the world."

"Come back! Wouldn't you rather wear this shirt instead?"  (Shirt created by Colleen/Kit, Kat, and Friends.)

But May ignored her.

Nellie and Mini Kit were thrilled to see May.

May comes to the theater scene. Nellie holds out an artificial apple.

"Would you like some Movie Popcorn?" Mini Kit asked.

"Or maybe an apple?" Nellie asked.

May frowned.  "But...those are made of plastic and paper.  They aren't real."

"They are too real!" Mini Kit said.  "I can touch them and everything!"

May sits down next to Mini Kit in the front.

"You have a point," May said, sitting down.  "Still--thank you for the offer, but I'm not hungry."

They settled in and watched the DVD menu some more.  "I wonder where Miss Kirsten is," Nellie said.

May shrugged and pushed her sock down to scratch an itch on her knee.

"Aiee!" Mini Kit yelled.

Kirsten comes up from the other side.

"It's just me," Kirsten said.

"I know," Mini Kit said.  "But you were supposed to come in from the other side, since you were over behind us and to the viewer's left before."

"If that's the worst continuity error we see tonight, then we're doing well," Kirsten said.

"Would you like an apple?" Nellie asked.

"No," Kirsten said.  "I'd like my seat in the front row."

"Too bad," Mini Kit said.  "You snooze, you lose."

"But I'm big and you're small," Kirsten argued.  "And I'm the oldest.  You should do what I want!"

Kirsten sits on Mini Kit!

And Kirsten just sat down anyway.

"Mmmm--mmmm--mmmm!" Mini Kit yelled.

"Miss Kirsten!" Nellie said, helpless to stop her.

May got up...

May gets up out of her seat to confront Kirsten.

...and glared at Kirsten.  "Mini Kit was here first."

"What are you going to do about it?" Kirsten asked.

Close-up of May, glaring at Kirsten.

May gave Kirsten a cold, threatening look.  "Beat it, sister."

Kirsten is suddenly seated in the second row beside Nellie.

"Hm," Kirsten said.  "How did this happen?"

Nellie offered Kirsten an apple to console her, but Kirsten turned it down.

Mini Kit hugs May's arm.

Mini Kit hugged May.  "Thank you for standing up to Kirsten," she whispered.

The girls finally watch the movie. There are skulls on the screen.

Finally, the girls settled down to watch Muppet Treasure Island!  They quite enjoyed the tale.

"Those rats are swell!" May cried.

"Rats?" Kirsten asked.  "Yuck!"

The rats enjoying an island tour in Muppet Treasure Island.

Given the small size and poor definition of my TV--and the glare--one can hardly blame Kirsten for not noticing that the tourist rats were really darling and clean creatures who even wore clothes.

"They're so sweet!" May argued, enamored with the little creatures.

The movie continued, and then--

There is a squirrel on Kirsten's head!

"Eeeek!" Kirsten screamed.  "Something's on my head!"

"Miss Kirsten?" Nellie asked.

The squirrel gives Kirsten a kiss.

"Aaaaaaah!" Kirsten yelled.  "It's a rat!"

Nellie comforts Kirsten.

"What's a rat?" Nellie whispered.

Kirsten looked around, but nothing was there.

"There was a rat on my beautiful dress!" Kirsten said.

"Miss Kirsten," Nellie said, "I don't think that's plausible.  I've lived where there are rats, and I haven't heard any in the walls here.  Scorpions, maybe, but not rats."

"Oh my," May said as something tickled her foot.

There is a squirrel on May's leg!

It climbed up her leg...

(here is a video showing the squirrel going up May's leg and onto her arm, and drawing a sword.)

...and it even found a tiny sword!

The squirrel is holding a sword.

"It's the rat!" Kirsten said.

"What?" May asked.  

"That thing on your hand!" Kirsten growled.

"This?" May asked.  "No!  This is a squirrel!"

"It's vermin!" Kirsten said.

"You don't know a squirrel from nothing!" May yelled.

The squirrel is gone, leaving the tiny sword behind.

"Now look!" she added.  "You scared it off."

"It was probably rabid," Kirsten muttered.

"Oh, no, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.  "It was a special Wisconsin squirrel from Vickie and Jess and Charlotte."

Kirsten is next to May.

"Huh?" Kirsten asked.

"And it left me a dagger!" Mini Kit bragged.

Mini Kit brandishes a tiny sword.

"I hope he comes back soon," May said.

"I hope it never comes back," Kirsten replied.  "We already have enough small annoying things here."

"Hey!" Mini Kit yelled.  "Don't make me poke you!"

(Intimidated, May hid Mabel away, just in case.)

Nellie holds up an apple.

"Cheer up, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.  "Maybe an apple would make you feel better?"

"What's with your apple obsession?" Kirsten asked.

"You spend more time promoting apples than Steve Jobs," Mini Kit said.

"Yeah!" Kirsten said.  "You're like that witch in Snow White!"

Kirsten confronts Nellie

The room fell silent as Nellie gazed at Kirsten.  "A witch?  Miss Kirsten...I'm..."  Her voice cracked.  "I've just seen a lot of advertisements that say it's important to get fiber in your diet, and plastic food is one of the best sources of fiber in dolls' diets..."  She dashed away.

Nellie buries her face in Pegleg Sally's shoulder.

Kirsten stared in disbelief as Nellie buried her face in Pegleg Sally's shoulder.  "Nellie, I didn't mean it!  I'll eat a hundred fake apples if it makes you feel better!"

Nellie just sniffed.

Kirsten looks back at May and Mini Kit

"For crying out loud!" May said.  "Why did you say something so mean?"

"I wasn't trying to upset her!" Kirsten cried.  "How can I fix it?"

"Maybe wait a little while, until she calms down a bit," Mini Kit said.

Kirsten hated the awful feeling in her stomach, but she waited until the theater seats were back in their regular place.  Then she took a seat beside her friend.  "Nellie?  I'm really sorry for what I said.  I was joking, and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

Nellie and Kirsten sit on the theater seats with Pegleg Sally nearby. Kirsten comforts Nellie.

Nellie was silent for a moment, confused by the strange sound of Kirsten apologizing.  "Oh, Miss Kirsten.  I've seen some terrible people who I'd call just made me sad to hear you compare me to them."

"I feel just awful," Kirsten said.  "You're the nicest person I've ever met.  Can you ever forgive me?"

"Stand up," Nellie said.

Kirsten sighed, sure Nellie was sending her away.  But instead...

Nellie and Kirsten hug.

...Nellie hugged her!

"I know you didn't mean it," Nellie said.  "It's all right.  I'm so sorry I upset you."

Kirsten couldn't believe it.  Even after all this, Nellie was apologizing to her!  

When Nellie sat down again, Kirsten snuck off.  "Nellie's the nicest girl in the whole world.  What can I do for her?  She deserves something really special..."

Kirsten finds a turquoise thread.

She found a thread on the floor, and an idea started to brew....

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