Kirsten's Adventures


Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, while Nellie is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1906, and May is an 18-inch-tall girl from the 1920s.  And Mini Kit was on the verge of uncovering a mystery--

* * * * *

--But WHO CARES about THAT???? I know all of you reallly want to see ME, KIRSTEN!

Kirsten at a Macbook laptop

I know there haven't been any updates for a long time and I've been blaming that Lazy (and Cheap) Lady for it.  And it's part her fault.  Maybe if she would have bought me some new clothes or some candy or something...but no!  I'm not sure all the clothes and sweets in the world would have made up for all the awful things she's done.

So I went on STRIKE!!!!!

Kirsten holds a sign that reads "BOO STRIKE!!! CHEAP LADY UNFAIR!!! :( " written on an ice cream flier

That's right.  You KNOW I'm serious when I defaced a perfectly good ice cream coupon to make my sign!








Of course I'm mad at American Girl.  I mean sure, it's kind of great that they're not making any more Kirstens because I'm the most awesome character ever and no one else should have me and now my stuff is worth a lot more money!  

But they should still sell dresses and accessories for me.  That Cheap Lady says I already have enough but what does SHE know?

Oh, speaking of which.  Did you notice the beautiful dress my long-distance human-godmother gave me???

Kirsten is wearing her blue checked On the Trail dress with her embroidered apron

Aren't I beautiful?

Kirsten shows off the back of her dress

I know the apron isn't tied well.  But it's hard to tie an apron by yourself!  :(  I'm still gorgeous though, right?

Anyway.  That Cheap Lady is
still too cheap to buy me my other retired stuff.  She says I don't need it and she doesn't want it.  I think she's silly.

But you want to know the BIGGEST reason I'm upset?

Medium-close picture of Kirsten


Closer shot of Kirsten's face

Get nice and close....

Kirsten's eye very blurry

Ow!  I think you chipped my face paint!  :(

Kirsten covers her right eye

Okay, okay.  Just let me show you the evidence and I think you'll agree that my going on strike is MORE than justified by that Cheap Lady's unilateral...uh...treating me bad.

Exhibit A:

Mini Kit in a pirate outfit in a basket with a couple water bottles

That Cheap Lady made Mini Kit a hat and I guess DPS (Dolly Protective Services) wrote her a stern letter because she also...

Exhibit 2:

Mini Kit's new felt shoes

...made Mini Kit some shoes, and she...

Exhibits 3 through VIII:

Mini Kit with Renaissance Festival in the background

Mini Kit in front of a pirate shop

That's right!  That Cheap Lady took Mini Kit to the Renaissance Festival!  


:( :( :( :( :(

Mini Kit even got to meet World Famous Performers like

DUNCAN from the London Broil!

Mini Kit with a Ren Faire performer

(He should have dunked her in his mug of not-alcohol.  :( )

And MATT from the London Broil!

Mini Kit with a Renaissance Festival performer

Yeah, you'd BETTER look pensive, Matt.  :P

And SAM from the Clan Tynker!

Renaissance Festival performer tries to eat Mini Kit

YES!  Bite her head off!  I will send you the steak sauce!!

Renaissance Festival performer stroking Mini Kit like Dr. Evil's cat

Don't pet her like Dr. Evil's cat.  :( :( :(  I hear he even called her cute!  :(

Mini Kit had SO much fun and I didn't!!!!  
Can you believe it??????  That Cheap Lady CLAIMS that it's too dusty there and she's afraid I'll get hurt.  I think she's just embarrassed to be seen with me!  Or maybe she likes Mini Kit better.

It's not fair!!!

Kirsten stands in front of the computer, having typed "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!"

Oh no.  That Cheap Lady just got home.  

Kirsten is on the couch, hands up

Don't worry.  I'll tell you more of my injustices when I can.  Until then, hug your Kirstens for me!

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