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When we last left our intrepid and awesome and beautiful and heroic heroine Kirsten, she was explaining the injustices wrought upon her by that cheap lady and the dolls she loves more than she loves Kirsten.  Mini Kit, predictably, was doing her best to make Kirsten (that's me) miserable.

But honestly, that sort of traitorous and slovenly and icky and other bad words behavior was to be expected from Mini Kit.

What I didn't expect was THIS!

May in a green Princess Tiana dress

That cheap lady made MAY a Princess Tiana dress!  And then took her somewhere that had a COUCH to show it off!!!

I'm the best and I don't even have a princess dress!!!!!! 

That cheap lady says it's because I don't have a favorite princess, and I already have a pirate costume.  Hmph.  It's not MY fault that the blonde princesses are all NICE.  I think the least she could do is make me a Charlotte dress.  Although the way that cheap lady neglects me, I should dress up like Jessie from Toy Story!

But you thought that was bad--can you believe THIS?!

May in her Tiana dress in front of Star Tours

May in her Tiana dress in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle (decorated for Christmas)

May in front of a sign that says Royal St in New Orleans Square

MAY got to go to DISNEYLAND!!!!  It's not fair!!!  I'm a much better doll than she is!!!!

That cheap lady says she took May because it was her only chance to be sure of meeting Tiana and Prince Naveen. 

Princess Tiana holding May

Prince Naveen hugging May while Tiana laughs with a Princess and the Frog border

HMPH.  I think that cheap lady just wanted May with her to break the ice so she could flirt with Prince Naveen.   I'll bet she didn't like it when that prince liked May more.  HA!

She claimed she took May because I was too special to risk.  But May's retired too.

Don't you hate being lied to?

And look at THIS!!!

May wearing Tiana's brown/medieval "masquerade" dress from The Princess and the Frog

A SECOND princess dress from the a brief scen in THE SAME MOVIE!!!!!!



!!!  >:( >:(  >:P  >X(

So May gets TWO princess dresses and I don't get ANY?  It's not even a little bit greedy to want at least one princess dress of my own, but that cheap lady doesn't sew a THING for me.

She even got another doll shelf!  And she's even been sewing clothes for THIS ugly fuzzy-head doll that she says is called Ellowyne, even though she calls it Zadie or Libby for some reason.

Pink 1890s-inspired calico dress on an Ellowyne doll with a feather wig and cat ears; Veritas Pullip (pirate captain looking doll) in background with purple-haired mini Pullip

Come on.  She can't even BLINK!  She's not SOFT!  She has too many NAMES!  And that ungrateful doll doesn't even thank her!

But at least Nellie's here with me.  She doesn't get to go anywhere either, and that cheap lady hasn't made her any clothes in ages. 

I'M SO MAD!!!!

All right, all right.  I'll just look at some soothing New York City pictures.

Photo of Rockefeller Center

That cheap lady went there a few years's a horrible place to take a doll, and she never would have... Wait a minute....!!!!!!

Mini Nellie in front of a railing with water in the background

That's the Statue of Liberty all tiny back there, isn't it?!?!  And that's Nellie all tiny up there, isn't it?!?!?!


Kirsten, in her light-blue striped summer dress and Meet apron, stares at Nellie, who's in her pink Spring dress

Kirsten stared at Nellie.  "You shrunk yourself and went to New York with that cheap lady?!"

"Please don't be angry, Miss Kirsten.  That was a long time ago.  And Miss Cheap Lady asked me to go.  She's the one who shrunk me and put her into her purse.  Things were very hectic, and I didn't get to see or do very much at all.  And on that topic, I believe Miss May spent most of her time in Anaheim either in the non-Disney-owned hotel or else sleeping in her tiny, private $10.00 guest room on Main Street."

Kirsten was not appeased.

Kirsten stands up and raises an arm in anger

"But at least she got to go!  RAWR!  Kirsten mad!  Kirsten smash!"

"Didn't you go on that picnic?" Nellie asked gently.   "None of us got to go."

"Only because I whined to that cheap lady to take me," Kirsten muttered.  "It's still not fair."

"Life is never fair, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said softly.  "But you have a good home and Miss Cheap Lady loves you.  You should be at least a little happy."

Kirsten grumbled.

Nellie puts a hand on Kirsten's shoulder

"Don't forget you have a lot of fans," Nellie added.  "Don't you want to tell them all about your day at the park?"

Kirsten hesitated.  "I get the feeling I'm going to find some more upsetting photographs first." 

"Maybe not," Mini Kit said. 

Mini Kit in her brown Renaissance Festival style bodice and skirt is up on the side of the futon

"Forget the photographs," she said.  "Maybe next time I can tell everyone about my ghost!"

Kirsten stares at Mini Kit

Kirsten looked at Mini Kit...

Kirsten picks up Mini Kit while Nellie looks on in horror

"Let me go!" Mini Kit cried.

And poor Mini Kit spent the next hour or so locked in a cabinet.***

***Kids, don't lock up your tiny siblings or housemates in your house.  Please don't sue.  :(

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