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Sorry about those last couple updates, everyone.  I try not to let Kirsten get on the computer, but she was so mad at me for not updating.....

Anyway!  Mini Kit, a 6.5-inch doll with a love of fantasy, was conversing with Nellie, an 18-inch girl from 1906.

Mini Kit in her brown Ren-Faire-style outfit sits on Nellie's lap.  Nellie is wearing Giselle's turquoise "curtain" dress from "Enchanted."

"I love Halloween!" Mini Kit said.

"It is nice to wear such a fancy dress once in a while," Nellie replied.  "Even if it's not very practical.  But why aren't you wearing your warrior princess outfit?"

Mini Kit sighed.  "I lost my sword.  Besides--"

"It might not be so bad that you lost your sword," Nellie said.  "Remember how much trouble everyone got in with their weapons a couple Halloweens ago?"

"Does this mean a flashback?" Mini Kit asked.


It does!

Nellie (same dress) and May (in a fancy navy-blue sequined dress with a silver "peacock" tail) stand in front of a bin of pumpkins and apples.

It was a lovely night, Halloween 2008.  Nellie was dressed as Giselle from "Enchanted," with May dressed in a FABULOUS peacock costume, made by AG Sweetheart!  They had a beautiful bin of apples, pumpkins, and squash from Katie!  What special and thoughtful friends they have!  Meanwhile...

Kirsten, dressed as pirate Elizabeth Swann, and Mini Kit, in her Warrior Princess costume, hide behind the doll clothes rack, swords drawn.

Kirsten and Mini Kit did a rare bit of conspiring TOGETHER.  It seems unbelievable, but candy does strange things to people (and dolls).

"I don't see any candy," Mini Kit said.

"There has to be candy!" Kirsten said.  "I'll bet those two landlubbers are hiding it from us..."

So Mini Kit and Kirsten sprang into action!

Sword drawn, Kirsten attacks May and Nellie.

"Avast!" Kirsten said.  "We be pirates and warriors, and even pirates with conspicuously plastic swords be better than princesses!  Now hand over all your candy or we'll keelhaul you and make you walk the plank and steal your hair barrettes!"

"Miss Kirsten!" Nellie cried.

"What are you beating your gums about?" May stepped forward...

May uses her glittery mask to block Kirsten's sword.

...and started to joust with Kirsten!

"Ching, ching," May said.

"What are you doing?" Kirsten asked.

"Sound effects," May replied.

Mini Kit sneaks into the apples and pumpkins.

As Nellie watched the fight in horror, Mini Kit scoured the pumpkin and apple bin for treats.


May's mask hits Kirsten in the eye

Kirsten wailed and screamed, dropping her sword.  "You poked my eye out!"

Nellie runs over and Kirsten covers her eye.

"Miss Kirsten!" Nellie cried.  "Are you all right?"

"NOOOO!" Kirsten yelled.  "May poked my eye out!"

May frowned.  "I'm sorry, Kirsten.  If you let me see it--"

"NOOOOOO!  It hurts too much!  You'll just gouge out my other eye!"  Kirsten hid her face from May.

May got suspicious. 
"Oh, applesauce.  Your eye looks fine to me.  Though if you'd like me to send you away to the doll hospital, I'll pay the postage..."

"No!" Kirsten said.  "But that cheap lady should put you back in your box!  You're so mean!  I hope you get silver-eye and floppy limbs and Sharpie on your face and--"

May disappears.

"Where did she go?" Kirsten asked, as Mini Kit shamelessly searched the produce bin.

"Never mind that," Nellie said.  "Let me look at your eye."

May had sensibly walked away...

May holds her glittery mask over her face.

...and hidden behind her mask.

"Hey!" Kirsten said.  "You really thought I wouldn't see you hiding behind a mask more sparkly than a vampire princess dipped in glitter?"  She drew her sword.

Kirsten finds May, who lowers her mask, with Nellie playing referee.

"For crying out loud!" May said.  "If you're hurt, you shouldn't be fighting."

"Nellie said I'm fine," Kirsten said.  "Which means the fight is back on!"

"Oh, no, it's not," Nellie said, and in one smooth motion....

Nellie takes the mask and sword, leaving Kirsten sitting on the floor, sad.

...she took May's mask and Kirsten's sword!

"How did she do that?" May asked.

"I'm taking these weapons and putting them away!" Nellie said.  "You two, behave."

"But I don't want to," Kirsten whimpered.

Mini Kit rummages through the apple and pumpkin bin, her foot on her sword.

Meanwhile, Mini Kit put her foot on her sword, to make sure Nellie didn't confiscate it too.

Mini Kit sits on the bin, holding a pumpkin.

"I can't find any candy," she said at length.  "I guess I could turn this pumpkin into a pie..."  And she snuck off.

Nellie pulled out an old-fashioned game with no sharp edges.

Nellie encourages the others to play a beanbag game.

"Let's play beanbag toss," she said.  "Miss Kirsten, this is supposed to be the kind of game you could've played back in 1854!"

"I'd rather play Wii," Kirsten grumbled.  "Though if that cheap lady bought us one, I guess I'd have to change her name to that moderate-spending lady."

"Please, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.

"Well, all right," Kirsten said...

Kirsten puts the target on May's chest. she put the target on May's chest.  "Now hold still!"

"Get your hands off me, sister!" May's eyes sparked with rage.

"Miss Kirsten!"

Nellie puts a hand on Kirsten's shoulder.

Nellie pulled Kirsten aside.  "You're not being very nice."

"Neither is May," Kirsten said.

"Well, if you can't get along," Nellie said, "can you at least restrict your rivalry to the beanbag toss?"

"Fine," Kirsten said.  "I'll vanquish her in beanbag toss."

But just as Kirsten contemplated throwing the beanbag at May's face, they were interrupted...

The three 18" girls play nicely.

"Hey, everyone!" Mini Kit said.  "Look what I found!"

Mini Kit appears with a Snickers speared on her sword.

Mini Kit saves the day!

Kirsten sat down to have chocolate...

Kirsten eats candy while May and Nellie play beanbag toss.

...while May kept tossing beanbags.  "So I win by default?" she asked.

"Mm, mm, whatever, all is forgiven," Kirsten said.


Back in the "present", Mini Kit is on Nellie's lap again.

"Who would have thought a sword could STOP a fight?" Mini Kit asked.

"But Miss Mini Kit," Nellie asked.  "Where is your sword?"

"Didn't I tell you?" Mini Kit asked.  "I left it to my ghost friend Constancy.  She was so scary...but I don't think she's bad.  I'm not sure she's even really a ghost."

"Of course she's not," Nellie said.  "Though I'm surprised to hear you admit it, Miss Mini Kit.  What changed your mind?"

"Because she sent me a ghost baby-baby unicorn!"

Nellie raised an eyebrow.

"I did!  She had a baby unicorn.  But last night when I was up late and decided to go looking for candy to help me get a sugar rush so I could crash and go to sleep..."

In the dark, Mini Kit pets a tiny ghost unicorn (white with a purple mane and tail)

"...I found a ghost baby-baby unicorn!  I tried to pet him and I couldn't touch him.  But he was smaller than me, so I wasn't scared.  He was so cool!"

"Miss Mini Kit," Nellie said.  "You know that
ghost baby-baby unicorns don't really exist."

"Well, he wasn't really a ghost," Mini Kit said.  "It was all a trick!"

On the left is a baby baby unicorn, and then there's a CD case.  Mini Kit and a flashlight are on the other side of the CD case, the flashlight shining onto the CD case itself.

"See, if you have a light shining the right way on something shiny and see-through--like a window or even a CD case--you can make it look like a ghost is there.  Have you ever seen your own reflection when you looked out a window?  You can see yourself, but all transparent, and you see the real world behind you.  That doesn't make you a ghost, does it?  It's just a trick of the light."

Nellie nodded.  "Of course.  There's a reasonable explanation, as there are no such things as ghosts."

"And since I left Constancy my sword, she sent me a baby-baby unicorn disguised as a ghost!"

Nellie sighed.  "Miss Mini Kit, that's--"

Mini Kit hugs her baby unicorn while Nellie stares.

Nellie stared in disbelief.  "That's...slightly more plausible than I thought it was."

"I think I'll name him Pepper," Mini Kit said.

Happy Halloween!  (Any ideas what you see in the very right of the frame up there?)

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