Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and Nellie is an 18.5-inch-tall girl from 1906!  Way back then, kids didn't dress up on Halloween.  At least, I don't think so.  But, well, there's few things I enjoy more than dressing up, and so I had to let my girls have some of the fun!  :)

(And there's few things I hate more than cleaning, so please disregard the incredibly limited setting of this adventure.  It was the cleanest hallway in my place; how sad is that?)

Nellie as Nurse Joy

Here is Nellie as Nurse Joy from Pokémon!  The only thing I made was the hat, but I was rushed for time.  :)  The dress is Kirsten's, and the shoes are Nellie's (well, officially they're Samantha's, but I bought them for Nellie!).

"Chansey!" the Nurse Pokémon cried.

"You're very nice, for a plastic toy," Nellie said.  "But you're a little small, I think.  From what I understand, Chanseys would be much bigger, if they existed.  I wonder if Miss Cheap Lady has any other Pokémon..."

"CHANSEY!"  A loud noise echoed through the room, and the sound of a half-dozen creatures waddling shook the floorboards...


"Aiee!" Nellie screamed.  "An army of Chanseys!"

"Don't worry!"

Kirsten as Elizabeth Swann

Kirsten sprang out of nowhere!  She's dressed as a certain Miss Elizabeth Swann in a certain recent pirate movie; how cute!

"I'm not cute; I'm a pirate!" Kirsten cried.  "And I'm going to rescue Nellie!" 


Kirsten raised her arms to look as big as possible.  "Argh, leave Nellie alone, before I be keelhaulin' the lot of you!" she bellowed in her best pirate voice.  (She hasn't seen the movie yet so she doesn't know that Miss Swann doesn't talk like a pirate.)

The Chanseys squealed....

Run away

...and ran away.


"Are you all right, bonny lass?" Kirsten cried.

Nellie looked both ways.  "You mean me?"

"Aye," Kirsten said.

"Oh.  Well, I'm fine," Nellie said.

I will save you

"Don't worry!" Mini Kit yelled.  "Natasha will save you!"

Let me help

"Who in Davy Jones's locker be Natasha?" Kirsten asked.

"I think it's a character in Miss Mini Kit's Fire Emblem video game," Nellie mused.

"That's right!" Mini Kit cried.  "At least, sort of.  It's not a very good costume, but Cheap Lady said that most mini dolls don't get any costumes at all so I should be grateful."  She made a face.  "Anyway, Nellie, you're supposed to faint!"

"Faint?" Nellie asked.  "Why?"

"I have to heal you!" Mini Kit insisted.

"Actually, I've heard that Chanseys are healing Pokémon," Nellie said.  "So I don't really understand why they'd make me faint."

"Aw!" Mini Kit complained.  "But I want to heal you!  Now faint!"

"Well, all right, since you're so excited," Nellie said.

OK fine

"Oh no!" Kirsten yelled.  "Nellie!  ARGH!!!"

Here you go

Mini Kit rushed over to heal Nellie.

But nothing happened.

"Cheap Lady, I can't heal her without special effects!" Mini Kit said.

"But I pride myself on not using the computer to modify my pictures," I said. 

"Oh, please?" Mini Kit said.  "It'll make up for making me such a lazy costume!"

"I hemmed that costume on all four sides!" I yelled back.  "And even the collar!"

Mini Kit looked at me stonily, and finally I gave in. 

Mini Kit waved her wand again....


"Psst, Nellie, you're supposed to get up," Kirsten said.

"Oh," Nellie said.


Hooray!  Everyone's all better!

Have a happy, safe Halloween, everyone!  :D

"Chansey chansey chansey!"

Oh no

"EEEK!" everyone squealed.

Oh, yes, and watch out for Chanseys!

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