Kirsten and Nellie are 18-inch-tall girls from 1854 and 1906, while Mini Nellie is a 6.5-inch-tall girl from 1934!  And this is their very first Christmas all together!

"Oh, my!" Nellie called.  "This tree is so tall!  And it doesn't smell like pine at all!  And it's only shed a few needles!"


"Don't be silly!" Kirsten said.  "It's an artificial tree!"

"Why would you have something like that?" Nellie asked.  "And where are the candles?"

"Candles?" Mini Kit asked.

"Back at home, we used to put candles on our trees!" Nellie replied.

Kirsten grinned.  "That sounds like fun!  Let's ask Miss Cheap Lady about that!"

But I wasn't home, and even Kirsten knows that you should never light candles without direct supervision of a responsible adult! 

"Hey," Mini Kit said.  "Let's talk about what we want for Christmas!"


"Oh!  Oh!" Kirsten cried.  "I want my entire collection!"

"Miss Kirsten, I don't think that will fit under the tree," Nellie said.

"Maybe we can get a bigger tree?" Kirsten asked.

"Well, maybe," Nellie said.

"Well, all right; I at least want something nice to wear," Kirsten amended.

"What about you, Miss Mini Kit?" Nellie asked.

Kit wants

"That's easy!" Mini Kit cried.  "I want a pegasus!"

"I'm not sure if that's likely either, Miss Mini Kit," Nellie said cautiously.


"Oh?" Mini Kit asked.  "Then what do you want?"

"I don't know," Nellie mused.  "I have friends, several outfits, a warm place to sleep...I don't know if I really want anything else!"

"Oh, get real," Kirsten said.  "Isn't there anything you want?"

"Not really," Nellie said.  "I even have my beautiful doll Sara!"

When they realized I wasn't coming home soon, they decided to play with their dolls!  They started with their traditional introductions--Sara, Sari.  Sari, Sara.  Amelia, Sara.  Sari, Amelia.  And so forth.


"Remember how we got these dolls?" Nellie asked.

"Of course!" Kirsten said.  "It was my best birthday ever--"

"She meant me!" Mini Kit said.  "How I got my doll!  That's a better story, isn't it?"

"Not better," Nellie said sheepishly.  "But I thought we should talk about your doll, Miss Mini Kit.  Only because it's a long story and no one else has ever heard it before.  Plus it involves the wonderful Miss Colleen--"

"Who?" Mini Kit asked.

"Or Miss Kit, Kat and Friends," Nellie amended. 

"Oh, yeah," Mini Kit said.

"You're right!" Kirsten said.  "Miss Lazy Lady hasn't uploaded that adventure yet.  Hmph!  That's thoughtless of her, but at least we can show everyone now.  So let's get started!"


The room got dark and the tree lit up beautifully as the girls launched into....


It was way too many months ago, and the girls were trying to play dolls.

In a high-pitched voice, Kirsten said, "Hi!  I'm Sari!  I wish that Miss Cheap Lady would make me a new apron!  Or maybe a sunbonnet!"


Nellie replied in her best doll voice, "Hi!  I'm Miss Mini Kit!  I'm very adventurous!  And I think it would be nice if Miss Kirsten would learn how to make you a sunbonnet."

"That's not fair!" Sari said.  "Kirsten's fingers don't move very well.  You're mean, Mini Kit!"

"I'm sorry," Nellie said for Mini Kit.  "I wasn't trying to be mean.  I love you, Sari and Miss Kirsten!"

"That's it!" Mini Kit yelled. 
"I'm not playing doll any longer!"


"I'd rather play Fire Emblem!" she added.


"Oh no!" Nellie cried.  "Now I don't have a doll to play with!"

"Look around and find one!" Kirsten said in Sari's voice.

Find doll

So Nellie searched!

Not very cuddly

There were plenty of water bottles lying around, but they just weren't cuddly.


Minnie Mouse was lovely, but Nellie complained that she was anachronistic.  "She didn't exist until 1928!  It would work for Miss Big Kit, but not me!"

And she looked, and looked, and looked, with no success.  Then finally, I came home.  "Nellie, I have a present!" I called.

"That's great!" Nellie said.  "For whom did you buy it?"

"For you, silly," I said.

"Oh, but I don't need a present," Nellie said...


"Oh!" she cried.  "A doll!"  Her face lit up in delight.

"What will you name her?" I asked.

"I think I'll name her after my mam," Nellie said.  "Sara Kathleen...where did she come from, Miss Cheap Lady?"

"Dollar Tree!" I replied.

"Miss Sara Kathleen Dollartree!" Nellie said in satisfaction.

"And Kirsten?" I said.  "Something came in the mail for you, too."

"For me?!" Kirsten asked.


She ripped open the package.  "Oh!  Look what Colleen--er--Kit, Kat and Friends--sent me!  Isn't it the most beautiful thing ever?"


Kirsten laughed in delight at the tag on the back:

Hee hee

"See?" Kirsten said.


"Now everyone will know that I rule the world and that Mini Kit does not!"

"Miss Kirsten, that's really not very nice," Nellie said.

"Hmph!" Mini Kit cried.

No fair

"How come no one brought anything for me?" she said.


Tears filled her little eyes.

But instead of breaking down and sobbing, she ran to her modern typewriter and typed....

Not fair

But the giant font didn't catch my attention at all, and Mini Kit went back to the table to mope.  Nellie came by to try to comfort her, but Mini Kit ignored her.


"Mini Kit," I whispered.  "Look behind you!"


"What's that?" Mini Kit asked.


It's a tiny Amelia Earhart!


"Wow!" Mini Kit said, her tears instantly forgotten.  "My very own doll!  Big Nellie, I'm sorry I was jealous of you!"

Nellie smiled.

And Mini Kit took out her favorite flour-sack dress...


...and emblazoned it with a slogan of her own!


"And that's the story of how we got our dolls!" Nellie finished.

"Hey," Kirsten said.  "Let's get all ready for the holidays, and maybe Miss Cheap Lady will be impressed and buy us more presents!"

So they all got their clothes together and put on their most cheerful smiles, hoping I'd come back with fabulous things for them...


Merry Christmas and happy holidays from everyone at Kirsten's Adventures!

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