5.20.06 part 2

The further Ohio adventures of Mini Kit!

Here you can see what city my mom is from.

Off to Maumee Bay!

The below is my favorite page; I love the caption.

Mini Kit's tan does not match up to Aunt Sharon's.

Kit also visited my grandmother.

According to my mother, EVERYONE in Ohio crochets.

And Mini Kit met my Uncle Randy and Aunt Stacy's lovely cat.

When we finished reading the album, Kirsten looked around nervously and hid her fingers, afraid that Mini Kit had brought back a toothy kitten minon of her own.

"See, Kirsten?" I said. "That wasn't so bad, was it?"

Kirsten just glared.

"Kirsten, if you don't play nice, I won't give you the present my mom bought for you," I warned.

Kirsten's eyes went wide, and somehow, she made them sparkle. "Oh, it was the most wonderful adventure ever!" she cried. "A million times better than any of mine! Mini Kit is so cute and smart and wonderful, and she definitely doesn't deserve to be eaten by a giant cat! Can I have my present now?"

"All right," I laughed. "You can have it now. But everyone else will have to wait until next week to see it!"


(If you want to see why poor Mini Kit had to go topless at the bay, you can check the outtakes.)


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