Kirsten and Nellie are 18-inch girls from over 150 years ago, and exactly 100 years ago, respectively.  Kit is their friend, an 18-inch tall girl from 1934.

These are their stories.

(Insert Law and Order "Dun-dun" here.)

My mother is a very social person, and a reporter to boot.  (That's why she loves Kit and keeps her in her house!)  She talked with a nice woman who had some American Girl things she wanted to sell.  We actually had the wrong phone number for her, so we had to just drive over and hope she was home.  Lucky for us, she was home!  She had a just lovely doll collection; I'll have to call her sometime and ask if she wants it to be in a Kirsten's Adventure.  LOTS of beautiful collectors' dolls, and yes, a dedicated doll room.  And we got to buy some lovely things from her!

(And then I took pictures of them mostly in my mom's newly remodeled kitchen, since she's so happy with it.  :) )

I was most impressed by Molly's LE Tennis Outfit!  (I HOPE my mom liked it...she purchased it at my urging.)  It was in a box (I'm going to assume the original box; it has the band around it).  The tennis shoes are in mediocre condition, with a lot of yellowing around the soles (not the original shoes), but they look OK in pictures.  Everything else looks great.  Isn't the outfit fetching?

Kit seemed a bit upset that the bag said "Molly," but I advised her that she can put a Post-It over that part, with her name on it, and she was pacified.

I was amazed that almost everything on the outfit buttons, with just one snap.  And as annoying as Velcro is, I've got to admit, I sort of like the clothes that are easier to put on.  :/

Kit is looking forward to getting into shape!

Tenisu wa shimasuka?

My mother also bought the retired Sugarplum Coat, which Nellie is now modeling, since she had a purple ribbon.  The wrong color purple, but still.  (The frog closures are SUCH a pain to do up!)

"But I don't have any boots, Miss Cheap Lady!" Nellie objected.  "I don't even have any shoes to wear; just those sandals that I'm wearing with my kimono!"

"Ssh," I said.  "No one officially knows that you have a yukata, since I haven't posted the pictures!"

"Oh!" Nellie squealed, covering her mouth.

Isn't it beautiful?  I think if my mom decides she doesn't actually want it  or that she spent too much, I may have to buy it off her.  :)  It came mint in an American Girl box.

Ie, tenisu wa shimasen.

The nice lady we visited didn't have any items for mini dolls...at least, not that I know of.  Well, there were two packs of Mini Grin Pins, but I don't want Mini Kit to get all sticky.  So Mini Kit is showing off another purchase of my mother's, the Holiday 2000 Twilight Outfit!  I loved the sparklies but not much else, but my mom liked it.  The purse is a nice size for a handbag for Mini Kit, and there's also a nice compact that would fit her too.  I think every single piece is included.

"You should've given the shoes to Nellie to wear," Kit said.

"Uh, the navy blue would clash with the coat," I said, not mentioning that I was just too lazy to take and upload another picture.

Goruhu shimasu yo!

Of course, Kirsten wasn't left out.  Although I'm Miss Cheap Lady, and although she already has a rather large number of dresses for a pioneer girl, I still purchased Addy's Summer Dress for her.  I'd always fancied it, but couldn't really justify paying full price for it, especially when I didn't really want the accessories.  It came with the brooch in semi-poor shape (missing some berries).

"And look!" Kirsten said.  "There's a hanger!  So you don't have any excuses not to make me more clothes; you still have plenty of things to hang them up on!"

I just bought her a dress, and now she wants another?  I sighed.

Goruhu wa?

"Hey," Kirsten said, making her way into the family room.
  "You got patterns!"

The nice lady had Kirsten's patterns, filed away in a file folder, and she sold them to us.

Oh my

"Wait a minute," Kirsten said.  "You got patterns for some of the other girls too!  You're not going to buy more dolls, are you?  I don't want to share my clothes!"

"They were such a good deal," I said, "I had to buy them.  Don't worry; I can't afford any more dolls...although I might use Samantha's patterns for Nellie."

"You already made her a nightgown and the yukata we aren't supposed to talk about since you haven't put up pictures of it," Kirsten pouted.

"For goodness' sake," I sighed.

(Molly and Samantha's patterns appear to be photocopies, I'm afraid.  :(  But Kirsten's and Addy's appear to be legit, and I think all the pieces are there for everyone's!  And they were very cheap too.)


"Can't you be happy with what you have, Kirsten?" I asked.

"It's not like she bought me anything," Mini Kit said.  "Or even anything for Nellie.  But I'm happy that regular Kit is happy!"

"And I'm happy to borrow such a lovely coat," Nellie added.  "I don't go outside, and the weather is very fine here all year around, I've heard--so it's not like I even need a coat."

Kirsten still didn't look satisfied, but the other girls smiled at the camera.

Thank you

And I said, thank you for taking me out to meet such a nice lady and buy such nice things, Mom!  :D

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