Kirsten is a 18-inch tall girl from Sweden who grew up on the American frontier. I thought it would be exciting and interesting to show everyone how to braid her hair!

First, you separate her hair into two sides, left and right. Then you make one half into three sections.

And then, well, you braid it. It sounded much more interesting in my head.

You'll see I've changed Kirsten into her work dress. That's because we have some work coming up. And because I have to wear work clothes all the time, so she should, too.

Kirsten looked very upset with me, until I remembered--I left out the very most important part about braiding your doll's hair!

Always give her a cookie at the end, and she'll feel much better! I think Kirsten even likes me a little now.

On to further business.

The central point of my place is, of course, the computer. I showed Kirsten the American Girl website!

"Heeey," Kirsten said. "The Kirsten in the picture has her hair done up on top of her head, not in these side braids!"

"Well, in the books, you pretty much always have your hair in two side braids," I said. "And besides, I am NOT tying those again."

"And why don't I have a bucket and ladle?" Kirsten continued. "How do you expect me to fetch water? Or milk the cows?"

"A cow would trample you, sweetheart," I said.

Kirsten looked rather offended, so I decided to distract her. "We buy our milk from the store, and we get water out of the sink!"

Kirsten thought I was ridiculous, at least as far as the milk went. But she found the water pretty fascinating.

"Your sink is messy, though," Kirsten said helpfully.

"Maybe you'd like to clean it?" I said.

There's that stony silence again...

Kirsten went back to the computer and saw the Midsummer dress.

I could as much as see the hearts in her eyes. "Look, it's nice and cool for the summer!" she cried. "And it has purple dots on it. It'd match your computer!"

"No," I said.

"But I haven't had a new dress in about 10 years!" Kirsten objected. "And it's for the longest day of the year--I could use it to celebrate your birthday!"

"No," I said.

Kirsten thought long and hard. "Maybe it will be retired soon?"

And I realized the only thing more dangerous than a doll visiting the AG website, was a doll visiting AG messageboards.


(Next time, a Very Special Kirsten's Adventures, where Kirsten and I try our hand at baking from scratch. :D )


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