Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and Nellie is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1906.  Mini Kit is a 6-inch-tall doll from 1934, although she really doesn't act like it.

And they all got together to conspire and try to make everyone forget about the mysterious noise heard in the last chapter of Kirsten's Adventures.  :)  

"Hey, hey, look at us!" the girls said helpfully.

Over here

Without further ado, here's another of Kirsten's Midwest Adventures!

"What, with no framing device?" Kirsten asked.  

"What's a framing device?" Nellie asked.

Mini Kit suddenly remembered she's a writer.  "You know, when we get together and reminisce about the past?  Like Chaucer's Canterbury Tales?  Or
Scheherazade in "One Thousand and One Nights"?

"Or like the storybooks at the start of Disney movies?" Nellie asked.

Mini Kit shrugged.  "Uh, yeah, sort of."

Kirsten glared at me. "A flashback without a framing device...you're not just cheap, you're lazy too."

"Be quiet!" I replied.  "I'm ironing!  Besides, there's framing!"


Once upon a time, a girl named Kirsten visited a wonderful faraway place, where wonderful generous people named Judi and Carly hosted her and me, and we had a wonderful time visiting with them and others!

And at first, our dear Kirsten seemed very quiet and nice.

Too quiet and nice.

I was too busy to see what Kirsten plotted, but the lovely Carly alerted me to her mischief!  

(To this day, Kirsten insists that she would have been a perfectly well-behaved girl if Carly hadn't framed her.)

Kirsten and Carly's girl Emily were at their own American Girl Café.
Kirsten Emily

Kirsten displayed exceptionally poor manners.

Kailey came to take their order.  "What will you have, miss?"

I want everything

Kirsten didn't need to move her feet; she had no need for the menu.  "I will have...everything!"

"Pardon me?" Kailey thought she misunderstood.

"I said everything!"

Kailey looked over at Emily.  "Ah..."

"That's all right," Emily said.  "I'll just have a bowl of ice cream.  You can give Kirsten everything else."

"Very good, miss."  Kailey provided excellent, swift service, and soon, a bountiful spread was laid on the table.  But what's this?


"It's all mine!" Kirsten said.  "I ordered everything and I meant everything!  Not everything except a bowl of ice cream!"

"All right," Emily said.


"I am the queen of the miniature American Girl Place Café!"

Emily made a valiant effort to keep from looking mortified.

ha ha ha

"I'm the best!" Kirsten yelled, enjoying her new crown and cape, and stealing everything from the table.

"What's is this?!"

Worse than Cheap Lady's room

Kailey was distressed by the mess before her.  "What happened?"

"It was Emily!" Kirsten said.

"What?" Emily could no longer be kind and meek.

"Yes!" Kirsten said.  "She stole everything, and I had to fight to get it back from her!"

"I see," Kailey said.  "Come on, Emily."


"I'm innocent," Emily said.  "Where are you taking me?"

"Have a nice time!" Kirsten said.


"Miss, you're under arrest," Kailey said, cuffing Emily.

"What?" Emily asked.  "Kirsten!  But she--"

"She gets to keep the treats, for being so honest," Kailey said.

"But...but..." Emily sniffed.  "It's not fair!"

"Come on, now, miss," Kailey said.  "No need to fight."

She took Emily........

A party

...to a beautiful island party!

"What is this?" Emily asked.

"You proved your kind nature by putting up with that awful Kirsten," Kailey said.  "And so we've declared you the queen of the luau!"

Oh my

"Oh, my."  Emily was overwhelmed.  

Isn't she beautiful?  Mini Kit enjoyed the party too.

Meanwhile, Kirsten missed the entire luau.  Instead, she ate too many sweets, and had a nasty stomach ache that lasted well into the next morning.  She was so sick, she even forgot to re-steal all the things she took from Emily.


I guess you could say she got her just desserts!  

"Puns aren't funny," Mini Kit said.....

Mini Kit is the best

....as she prepared to tear into the delicious cake Julia made.  

Now that's what I call a sweet adventure!

Mini Kit rolled her eyes.


"That wasn't a good story," Kirsten said.  "Okay, the middle was all right, but that ending was weak."

"I thought it had a good moral," Nellie said.  "And it did a great job of distracting us from what Miss Cheap Lady was doing."

"That's right!" Kirsten said.  "What is she ironing?"


"Agh!" I said.  "You were supposed to distract everyone!  And you certainly weren't supposed to show anyone the pile of phone books I've been meaning to recycle.  This album is over!"

There's one of my favorite Kirsten's Adventures on deck, so stay tuned!  And try to ignore those little bumps in the night you're hearing from my place, OK?  Thanks!

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