Mini Kit is a 6-inch tall doll who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. Here she is in a file photo.

One day, mini Kit decided she wanted a hat. Since I can't crochet or knit (and since her sometimes-friend Kirsten threatened to drop-kick her across the room if I bought her anything), mini Kit decided the best course of action would be to get on an airplane with my mom and fly halfway across the country to Ohio and ask my grandmother to make her one.

So she slipped out of her shoes and took off her hair barrette (afraid they'd get lost on the long trip), and went on her way. And mini Kit was gone for a long, long time. She didn't even bother to write us!

I was starting to worry, and Kirsten was starting to enjoy being an only doll.

But just as Kirsten was trying to make a teepee out of my cargo pants, I heard mini Kit was back in town. So I took Kirsten on a drive so we could go pick mini Kit up!

I very carefully wrapped Kirsten in a blanket so she wouldn't get scratched on the long journey, and put her in the back so no one would be tempted to steal her. (I swear I am not making this up.)

When Kirsten got free, she was livid! "I thought I was going to die!"

"I was just trying to keep you safe," I said.

"You rolled me up in a blanket and put me in the back of your car! I thought you were going to throw me in a lake!" Kirsten yelled. "You gangster!!!"

I don't have cable, and the streaming video on my computer doesn't even work. So I have no idea how Kirsten could be watching THOSE kind of movies.

"Kirsten," I said, putting my arm around her. "Look around."

"Are we on the moon?" Kirsten asked blankly.

"No," I said sheepishly. "That's just our driveway in the dark. But there's no water anywhere near here! Believe me!"

"Hmph," Kirsten said. "You probably have a deep bathtub, at least."

No matter how I coaxed Kirsten, she kept glaring at me. I had no idea when she'd start speaking to me again.

Kirsten remained very sullen until finally, she met mini Kit again!

"Hi, big Kirsten!" mini Kit said. "I'm home!"

"Yeah, hi," Kirsten said. Actually, she was still pretty sullen.

"Hey, you got a new dress!" mini Kit added. "It's pretty. But look what I got!"

"First Mamaw made me a new hat, but it was kind of heavy, so...

"She made me a second hat! All I need to do is find a green ribbon to tie around it and it will be just like big Kit's meet hat! And then it got cold in Ohio, so...

"...Kari crocheted me a blanket! And then...

"...she made me this beautiful headband too! And...

"...then I got this lovely cape!" Mini Kit grinned.

"Look! I'm an angel!"

"Then fly away," Kirsten said.

"And look! Aunt Sharon and Aunt Amy made me an album to show off all my wonderful adventures in Ohio! Here, let's look at it......"

Mini Kit yelped.

"No one cares about YOUR adventures!" Kirsten yelled, chasing after mini Kit. She threw the album...

"Oh no!" mini Kit cried. "I've been pinned by my lovely cape! And my beautiful headband is just out of reach! And..." Mini Kit looked up in horror. "Oh no! Kirsten, no! DON'T!!!!"

What is Kirsten about to do to mini Kit? Will we ever get to see what mini Kit did in Ohio? Can 20+ photos be crammed onto one webpage? The answers are coming before the end of the week!


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