Mini Kit is a 6-inch tall doll who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great Depression. When we left her, her life was in mortal danger, thanks to Kirsten, an 18-inch girl from Sweden, who's very jealous of Mini Kit's adventures!

Poor Mini Kit was pinned by her lovely new cape, screaming for help.

What could have frightened Mini Kit so?

Poor Mini Kit had never seen such a giant cat before, since I don't have a cat where I live. No wonder she was afraid!

"Onwards, Maggie!" Kirsten commanded. "Go maul Mini Kit!"

And Maggie walked forward...

...and promptly laid down.

"Come on!" Kirsten said. "Mini Kit is right here! You only have to maul her a little! Or at least gnaw her hand? You don't have to do much--just destroy her resale value, so that cheap lady won't love her anymore!"

Maggie yawned. She probably knew that used mini dolls aren't worth much anyway.

"Then eat her new hats, at least," Kirsten said. "And maybe the blanket?"

Maggie showed little interest in Kirsten's suggestion.

"Kirsten!" I yelled, rescuing Mini Kit. "What were you doing?"

"Maggie doesn't make a very good minon," Kirsten complained.

When I found out what had happened, I gave Kirsten quite a scolding. And as punishment, I made her look at most of the pictures in Mini Kit's scrapbook of her trip to Ohio!

The scrapbook was assembled by my Aunt Sharon and Aunt Amy, with pictures taken by my mom!

Aunt Sharon, Aunt Amy, Mom, if you have any pictures you don't want shared with the entire world (well, OK, mostly the community of one messageboard) just let me know and I'll remove them! If you want the pictures with you and yours put in, let me know, but I know I'd be a little freaked out to see random pictures of me on the Internet. Not like Mini Kit and Kirsten, who love the spotlight.

(The above picture proves that Mini Kit went to Ohio without me. I love Meijer, but very nearly wouldn't be caught dead in a Wal-Mart.)

That said, Mini Kit seemed to have a grand time.

Oh, yes, Mini Kit went to Applebee's and had a wonderful and hilarious visit, but I didn't know how appropriate the images would be to show to minors. They sure were funny, though! Let's just say she celebrated the end of Prohibition pretty heartily, especially considering she's only 10 years old. Eventually...

Kirsten was very amused.

Later, Mini Kit went...well, I have no idea where it was, but it looked pretty!

(Kirsten's disparaging comment about Mini Kit censored)

(Kirsten's disparaging comment about Mini Kit censored)

And frankly, for my mom, no visit to Ohio would be complete without visiting the Longaberger Homestead!

(Kirsten's disparaging comment about Mini Kit censored)

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