Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and Nellie is an 18-inch-tall girl who came to me from 1906!   And October 15th is her birthday!  Happy birthday, Nellie!

Nellie changed into her Meet outfit, which I always thought looked fairly formal...certainly more formal than her pretty yukata!

We set up the best table I could, using some scrap fabric from a friend's skirt and a certain type of box.

"I think this table's almost exactly as long as I am tall!" Nellie cried.

I laughed nervously.


"Miss Mini Kit," Nellie murmured, "I don't think it's sanitary for you to be on the table."

"Well, I don't have a high-chair," Mini Kit replied, making a face.

"Oh!" cried Nellie.


"Pegleg Sally!" she cried.  "I'm so glad you could come to my party!"

"She'd better not eat my share of the cake," Kirsten grumbled.

Pegleg Sally settled at her place, and I served supper!


It's a pot pie!  I put an "N" in the crust, since it was Nellie's birthday.

For Nellie

All of the girls with mouths had spoons!  (Good thing Pegleg Sally doesn't eat.)

  Nellie's spoon is from Cold Stone Creamery...

Nellie's spoon

...Kirsten's spoon is from her Meet accessories (and apparently made in France!)...

Kirsten's spoon

...and Mini Kit's is an old toy I kept, I think maybe from a Maple Town playset.  (Yes, I'm that old.  :) )

Kit's spoon

Their plates are lids.  I'd love a set of doll dishes if they were very cheap, and if you could eat off of them.  I'm sure most play dishes are toxic.

ANYWAY, the girls ate, and ate, and when I thought they were full, they ate some more!

Ate too much

"I can't believe we ate the whole thing!" Mini Kit said, falling down.

Kirsten looked dizzy, and Nellie just stared blankly into space.

Luckily, there's always room for cake!

Room for cake

I bought this tiny cake at a fancy grocery store.  Isn't it pretty?

"It's delicious!" Nellie cried.  And all the dolls dug in...

Too much cake

...but they could only eat that much!

"You gave us that big pot pie so we'd leave you more cake, didn't you, Cheap Lady?" Kirsten accused.

I hummed innocently.  "Isn't it time for the presents?"

"Here!" Kirsten said.


"What a beautiful ribbon!" Nellie said.  She was far too polite to point out that it was slightly off-white, while her dress was blue and white.  She instantly put it in her hair.  "Thank you, Miss Kirsten!"

Another present

Mini Kit said, "Here's some snaps you can use!"

"How lovely!" Nellie said.  "Thank you, Miss Mini Kit!"  She was too polite to point out that she didn't have anything to sew.

"You can use them on Cheap Lady's present!" Mini Kit called.

"What?" Nellie asked.  She smiled as she opened the package..

More presents

"A work dress!" Nellie cried cheerfully. 


She quickly slipped into it.  "It's hard to see, but it looks a lot like my dress in my book!" Nellie said.  "See, in the lower left corner of the illustration?  Only it's missing an apron!"

Sort of right

"I'm sorry," I said.  "I wanted to make you the apron, but I ran out of time.  And I put tiny velcro squares to hold the cuffs but they're not good enough; we need to replace them with snaps..."

"Miss Cheap Lady, it's very nice!" Nellie insisted.

"And don't worry!" Kirsten added.  "You can use my apron whenever you want!"

To do work

"Thank you, Miss Kirsten!"


Actually, it's not a terrible look, really.

And then, everyone gave Nellie a happy birthday hug!  Yay!

Birthday hugs

Next time, we should have some costumes!  Hooray!

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