Kirsten's Adventures


Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854.  Nellie (from 1906) and May (from the late 1920s) are both 18-inch-tall girls that American Girl has either retired or "put into the American Girl Archives".

Kirsten, Nellie, and May had been
partying like it's 1855 for what felt like weeks!  But Kirsten got bored and took a moment for a technology break.

Kirsten is looking at her page on the American Girl website.

But she saw something unexpected.

Kirsten looking down, her eyes hidden by her bangs.

Her face looked very strange.

"Miss Kirsten?" Nellie came up to her friend, sounding worried.  "Are you all right?"

"I...I don't know," Kirsten murmured.

Nellie looked at the computer.  The first thing she noticed was a Facebook tab that said "Kirsten's Adventures."  How odd.  

But then she saw...

The American Girl website says "Soon, we'll say farewell to Kirsten."

"'Soon, we'll say farewell to Kirsten,'" Nellie read.  "'Bring this brave pioneer girl home for the holidays--before she moves into the American Girl Archives TM.'  Oh, no!"

Nellie pats Kirsten's back.

Nellie tried to comfort her friend.  "Kirsten, I'm so sorry!"

Kirsten jumps up, to Nellie's surprise.

Kirsten sprang up.  "I'm not!"

She ran to her clothes rack and in a flash, changed into a lovely dress she received as a gift from Katie!

In front of her clothes storage, Kirsten wears a handmade yellow dress with lace and light blue ribbon trim.

"You look nice, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.  "But aren't mourning dresses usually black?"

Kirsten blinked.  

Kirsten blinks!

"Morning?"  Kirsten sounded baffled.  "No, if I had to be a time of day, I think I'd be mid-afternoon."

"That's not what I--"

Ignoring her, Kirsten continued, "I just thought I'd wear a pretty dress today!"

Nellie frowned.  "But I thought you were worried about being retired."

Kirsten scoffed.  "Retired, nothing.  I'm joining the American Girl Archives!"

Nellie looks away.

Nellie looked away, not sure what to say.  Kirsten was clearly excited, but she was probably in denial.  After all, being sent to the archives meant that American Girl wouldn't make any more Kirsten dolls for anyone to buy!

May appeared, having rather less tact than Nellie.

May comes up to the two of them.

 "You're all wet!" May said.  "Joining the archives isn't a good thing.   Once your collection is sold out, that means Miss Cheap Lady can't spend any dough buying you any more new things."

Kirsten rolled her eyes.  "That cheap lady hasn't bought me anything new for ages, anyway."

"Still," May said.  "I don't understand why you think being archived is nifty."

"Isn't it obvious?" Kirsten asked.  "American Girl decided I was SO special, they didn't want anyone else to have me!  Except, I don't think they should call it the American Girl Archives.  Shouldn't they call it the 'American Girl Dolls Who Are Too Cool for You to Buy Anymore Zone'?  It's a great place for us--right, Nellie?"

Nellie smiled weakly.  "I'm...glad you're not unhappy, Miss Kirsten."

Nellie and Kirsten together

Kirsten smiled.  "Why would I be unhappy?"

May opened her mouth, and Nellie motioned to try to stop her, but May ignored it.  

May speaks up, while Nellie waves her arm.

"Because you'll never get a movie now?" May asked heartlessly.

Kirsten scowled, but there was a little tremor in her voice, as if she wasn't as brave as she was acting.  "Well, neither will you.  And besides, you never know--"

She went still as she heard the door open.  "That Cheap Lady!" she squeaked...

Kirsten hides behind some American Girl boxes and a Rubbermaid-style container.

...and she ran and hid.

"Kirsten, you don't have to hide from me!"  I said.

Kirsten sits on Miss Cheap Lady's lap.

I picked her up and put her in my lap.

"But...have you heard?" Kirsten asked.  "I'm joining the American Girl Archives!"

"I heard.  Don't be scared."

Kirsten shivered.  " abandoned me for years and years because you didn't want to play with me.  And when you finally found me again, you were going to sell me."  She sniffed.  "And now that I'm being archived, I might be worth more money!  What if you sell me to someone who's not very nice??"

I felt a little guilty.  "I'm sorry I left you alone for so long.  But I'm not going to sell you!"  

"But...what if you forget me?" Kirsten asked.

"And I won't forget you!"  I gave her a big hug.  

Miss Cheap Lady hugs Kirsten.

Kirsten sighed.  "Really?"

"Really.  Didn't I tell you not to be scared about retirement?"

Kirsten stands up happily.

"But I'm not retiring!" Kirsten said.  

"I'm going to the
'American Girl Dolls Who Are Too Cool for You to Buy Anymore Zone'!"

May, Kirsten, Nellie, and Pegleg Sally are on theater seats on a shelf in front of a sign that reads "Dolls Who Are Too Cool For You To Own (R) Zone TM  No Mini Kit Allowed

Hooray for Kirsten!  (And all the other lovely girls American Girl has archived and retired!)

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