Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and her adopted sister Nellie is the same size and comes from exactly 100 years ago!  They had a lot of fun in my friend's house.

Kirsten climbs stairs

"Miss Kirsten, where are you going?" Nellie asked.

Kirsten grimaced.  "This webpage isn't called 'Kirsten's Time Stuck Downstairs Away from All the Fun'--I'm going on a 'Kirsten's Adventure'!"

"Oh, Miss Kirsten, I don't think that's a good idea," Nellie replied.

Kirsten continues to climb

Kirsten didn't listen.  Soon she was upstairs!

Viking Emma

Normally Kirsten wouldn't have any interest at all in a sewing machine that wasn't in the process of making clothing for her.  But this machine was special.  "Look!  It's a lady viking!  Viking Emma!"

...is Swedish

"And it was made in Sweden!" Kirsten squealed.  "Now I can convince Miss Cheap Lady to make me a viking costume for Halloween!"

Kirsten found something even more interesting.  "Oh, wow!"

Pegleg Sally's cousin

"It's Pegleg Sally's cousin!"

(My friend dressed up as the character Chocolat from the anime/manga series Sugar Sugar Rune.  This costume is minus the nifty tights, wand, and necklace.  :) )

Kirsten had a nice long conversation with Pegleg Sally's cousin, and then called down, "Hey, Nellie, come up here!  It's fun!"

Hello Nellie

"I'm happy down here, Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.  "And Miss Cheap Lady left us down here for a reason, I'm sure.  If she wanted us upstairs, she would've carried us up there."

"Oh, come on," Kirsten said.  "You're less fun than Mini Kit--"  And then she squeaked.  "Hey!  Help!"

Whoa!  Nellie!

Kirsten's head was caught between the bars of the railing.

"If I'm stuck here, I'll never make it home!!!" Kirsten said.  "And I'll never get to go on another adventure ever again!  You have to save me, Nellie!"

Of course Nellie couldn't leave her friend to suffer.

Nellie's coming!

She hurried up the stairs...


...and lassoed Kirsten with an Ethernet cord.    She pulled as hard as she could....


...and Kirsten came free! 

The girls slept for a long time before finally waking.

"What happened?" Kirsten said.

Nellie had to think for a moment, then remembered.


"Miss Kirsten, you scared me!" Nellie said.  "Please be more careful next time!"

Kirsten wasn't used to being hugged by another doll.  "Oh....thanks for saving me, Nellie!  If I could I'd take you to South Dakota and get your face on Mount Rushmore!"

But Nellie stepped back, her face was white as a ghost. 

"Nellie?" Kirsten asked.  "Don't you like mountains?"


There was a very furry lion cub not two feet away from them.

 Nellie is a very brave girl, but she's a little afraid of housecats, and VERY afraid of lions!

Kirsten had no idea why Nellie was upset, until she read the sentence above.  And then she understood.  "Don't worry, Nellie!" Kirsten said.  "I'll save you!"  She crouched down...


"ROAR!" Kirsten yelled.

Yipe yipe yipe

The lion ran away...


...and hid.

You saved me

"Oh, Miss Kirsten!" Nellie said, running to the girl.  "You're amazing!  Thank you!"


"Whew!" Kirsten said.  "Being a hero sure does tire you out!"

Nellie said, "You're even more impressive than the self-proclaimed geographic center of North America, Rugby, North Dakota!"

"Huh?" Kirsten said.  "Heeey!"


The lion came back.

"Num munny," Kirsten said.  I think that's what "not funny" sounds like when your mouth is full of lion fur.

"Oh, no, Miss Kirsten!" Nellie called.  "Miss Samantha, please help!"

Samantha was probably too floppy to climb up the stairs.  But suddenly they heard a shrill whistle...


...and the lion bounded downstairs, leaving the girls alone! 

Samantha praised her caretaker's lion cub, Pokota.  Little Pokota was so eager to please, he mistook the girls' contrived comments about the Dakotas as attempts to call him!


"So Miss Samantha is the real hero!" Nellie said cheerfully.

"Yeah--wait, what?" Kirsten asked.  And she whispered to Samantha, "If you like those pretty eyelashes, you'd better not upstage me..."

Kirsten is a little fiesty, but she wouldn't actually follow through with that threat.  Right?  Right?

Anyway, with Pokota protecting Samantha, the girls maintained an uneasy truce!

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