Kirsten's Adventures


Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854--

"And I'm the only one who matters this adventure!" Kirsten interrupted.

And Kirsten is the only one who matters in--

Wait a minute.  I thought I was sitting down to do write an adventure in a nice peaceful hotel room after my apartment got flooded...

Kirsten in her summer outfit with red ribbons in a hotel room peeking out of a bag.

...but I wasn't alone!

"You'd better double-lock that door, too," Kirsten said.  "I don't want strangers coming in here!"

"Kirsten!" I asked.  "What are you doing here?"

"Don't you read your own adventures?  Didn't you notice that I slipped into your bag at the end of the last one?"

Oh dear.  "Kirsten, can't you play along for the sake of the story?  It's not as interesting if I knew you were going to be here."

Kirsten muttered something about my obnoxious showmanship, and then she screamed."Eeek!  What is that???"

Kirsten looks over at the TV, which has a blue water scene on it.

"You can't watch Titanic!" she yelled.  "We just got away from the water, remember?  In fact, you should probably close that bathroom door, too.  Maybe shove some towels under it, just in case."

I don't get cable but it does seem that every time I am somewhere that has cable, they are airing Titanic.  Kirsten was not accustomed to this phenomenon, however.  
I could tell how frightened she was, so I changed the channel.

Kirsten stands up before a screen from the fish tank in the dentist's office in Finding Nemo.

"Not Finding Nemo!" Kirsten protested.  "Can't you watch something that's not underwater???"

"I can't help it if cable TV wants us to watch something ocean-themed," I replied.

"Hmph," Kirsten huffed.

Kirsten goes through a double-doorway to a bedroom.

"Good thing there are two TVs.  You can have the sofa bed.  I'm taking this tastefully-decorated room."

Kirsten climbing up onto bed

With an effort, Kirsten climbed up onto the bed.

Kirsten sitting up on the bed.

"Ah!" Kirsten said.  "It's a queen-sized bed!"

"Actually, it's a king-sized bed," I called from the other room.

"That can't be right," Kirsten said.  "It's my bed, and I'm the queen."  She pondered that for a little while before she noticed that the adjoining bathroom door was ajar.

Kirsten before a door that's open just a crack.

She nudged the door open, just to make sure that the sink wasn't leaking...

There's a mirror on the other side of the door and Kirsten sees her reflection

"Aaaaah!" Kirsten screamed.  "A stranger!"

The reflection stared wickedly at Kirsten...

Kirsten lying on the floor

...and poor Kirsten fainted right then and there.  

After a few minutes, she woke up and cautiously checked again.  "Who are you?" she asked.

There's a mirror on the other side of the door and Kirsten sees her reflection

The reflection smiled.

"Oh!" she said.  "It's you, Evil Kirsten!  I'm sorry--you startled me!"

The bathroom had two doors--one from the kitchenette and one from the bedroom--and one had a mirror on it.  Unless you were careful to keep both doors closed, when you opened the bedroom door to the bathroom, the kitchenette door would be right in your face and make it look like there was someone else there!

(To be honest, it frightened me too--for the whole time I was there, I was half-thinking there was an Evil Cheap Lady living in the bathroom.  It made showering terribly awkward.)

Kirsten sitting on the bed watching TV

Kirsten spent a few minutes talking to Evil Kirsten before she went back to her king--er--queen-sized bed.  Then she enjoyed watching whatever she wanted on her very own TV.

"Can you just move all your stuff over here and live here forever?" Kirsten asked.  "You can leave Mini Kit behind!"


"Evil Kirsten's already here!  You won't have to move her!"

"Kirsten," I replied, "don't you remember I promised I'd give you girls a party when we get my apartment all clean?"

"Well," Kirsten said, "Mini Kit doesn't have to come to the party, then."

Double sigh.  At least I was big enough to carry Kirsten back home when my apartment was re-carpeted!

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