Kirsten is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1854, and Nellie is an 18-inch-tall girl from 1906.  And Mini Kit left to go visit her friends Deborah and Stella.  Nellie missed her very much, and was so dejected, she did a poor job of keeping my apartment clean.

But finally, a wonderful package came in the mail.

Welcome home

(Nellie's modeling a dress I gave her for her birthday--I didn't make it.)

"This box is from Miss Deborah!" Nellie cried.  "It must have Miss Mini Kit inside!"  And she opened it up...

Yes!  It's Mini Kit!


"Miss Mini Kit!" Nellie said, giving her a big hug.  "I'm so happy to see you again!"

"I'm happy too," Mini Kit said, "but can you take me out of my box already?"

"Oh, right," Nellie said.


"Welcome home, Miss Mini Kit!" Nellie said.  "Did you have a good trip?"

Mini Kit grinned wide as a grand canyon.  Not the Grand Canyon in Arizona--she's a mini doll, so no matter how happy she is, she couldn't grin that wide.  But it was still a wide grin.  "It was the most fun I've ever had!" she cried.  "Deborah and Stella were so nice.  Look at the beautiful warrior princess outfit they made me!  And Hannah was great too!"


"See this Mini Book of Princesses she made me?  I didn't know there were so many princesses with swords in the world!"  Mini Kit prattled on and on, narrating this beautiful slide show that Deborah made.

"Oh, my!" Nellie said.


"Is this beautiful picnic basket really for us?"

"Yeah," Mini Kit said, looking around, suspicion in her eyes.  "Deborah and Stella seemed to think it would keep Kirsten from getting jealous."

"What would I be jealous of?" Kirsten asked.  
"It took Deborah and Stella a while, but they figured out they asked for the wrong doll.  Right?  When am I going to visit them?"

Mini Kit made a face.


"They made me two beautiful princess dresses," Mini Kit said.  "They loved having me around!  Or didn't you see the album?"

Kirsten saw the album.  "No fair!" she yelled.

"Miss Kirsten," Nellie said.  "You know Miss Cheap Lady takes you on a lot of her adventures.  She doesn't need to send you out.  You've been to so many places!"

"Hmph," Kirsten said.  But then she smelled the delicious bread in the basket...

Everything's OK!

"Miss Deborah and Miss Stella sent those for us," Nellie said.

Kirsten has a weak spot for food.  "Well, all right," she conceded.  "I guess it's okay if you visit Deborah and Stella.  As long as they keep sending us food.  And since we sat through one of your slide shows, I think I'll show everyone one of my adventures too!

"A long time ago, in a faraway land...."

"Wasn't it just a few months ago, in Chicago, Miss Kirsten?" Nellie interrupted.

"Please let me tell the story," Kirsten says.


"So in the faraway land of Chicago, I went to a magical place called American Girl Place.  They had doll-sized chairs at people-sized tables!  And they even gave us tiny plates and tinier cups!  And..."


"Cinnamon rolls!  Look; it's almost as big as my plate!  And this was the first time I ever saw..."


"...Stella!  Have you ever seen a doll with more gorgeous hair?  But they took such a long time to serve us our appetizers!"


"I stood up in my chair and complained, and it worked..."


"...fruit kebobs!  Now if only I could reach them...."


"...just a little further..."


"That Cheap Lady gave me the cherry.  (And since she wouldn't share her silverware, I got a stain on my finger.)  Finally, the meal came!"


"And then Cheap Lady wouldn't feed me her sandwich!!!"


"And no one else offered me their pretty salads, either."


"Eventually, that Cheap Lady gave me the vegetables she didn't want.  The carrots were pretty, but still...she should have ordered me my own meal!  Or given me hers; she didn't like her sandwich at all."


"The best part was definitely dessert!  It was so pretty.  And the cake and cookie were so sweet, even the Cheap Lady thought they were sweet enough!  Since all of her teeth are sweet teeth, that's pretty impressive."


"Before we left, I went to meet all the girls who live here just to play with different girls when they come in.  There was a girl who looked a lot like Nellie, but in a nicer dress.  The Addy I talked to said she liked being here because she gets to meet a lot of interesting people."


"And then we went to see Julia's book signing for her book Tiny Treats!  Look at all the beautiful things she made!  Wow!  A lot of little kids touched them, though, so most of them weren't very good to eat by the end of the day."


"Of course we had to visit my displays.  Look at this neat general store!"


"Cheap Lady was very interested in the fabric.  I guess she'd rather make me a dress than buy me one!"


"We both thought this Kirsten display was very nice."


"And then we went to
Giordano's for some delicious stuffed pizza!  That Cheap Lady wouldn't let me have much of that either; she was afraid I'd get sauce on my Pre-Mattel dress.  But she said it was delicious!

And then, after the MCM sale, look at where I got to go!"

AG sign

"American Girl Headquarters!  I meant to picket them for retiring my items, but I didn't bring a sign.  But it was a great trip!"

"It sounds like fun!" Nellie said.  "So see, Miss Kirsten?  I told you, you had a lot of fun adventures.  So you don't need to be jealous of Miss Mini Kit."

"Do you know what the best part of that trip was?" Kirsten asked.

"What was it?" Mini Kit asked.

"The fact that you weren't at the restaurant or American Girl Headquarters!"

"What?!?!" Mini Kit yelled.


"Hey!" Nellie said.  "Miss Mini Kit!  Violence isn't the answer!"

"The sword's just plastic, right?" Kirsten asked.

"Can't we just agree that you're both special and have had wonderful trips?" Nellie asked.


"All right," Kirsten said.

"Yeah, fine," Mini Kit said.

And a peace was established, for now.

"Did you hear something?" Mini Kit asked.

Kirsten and Nellie didn't...yet...

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