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 Julie's Comics
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Okay. I've got a lot of comics here--so you may be unsure of where to begin. So this page has a little preview of each series (with a thumbnail piece of art). Basically a map for the first-time reader. Keep in mind that most of my comics (I think) kind of transcend genre, but you might as well start your journey with something that sounds like it would interest you. If you place a high value on well-done art in can judge from the thumbnails, but you're probably just better off visiting someone else's page--while I've been told my art has a certain charm, it's not as polished as most people's.

mark and jenny

Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes (comedy, adventure, ongoing) A pair of wacky vigilantes wreak their own twisted brand of justice!

Starts out as a black and white comic (manga-style--ie. big eyes, etc.), but has now become a thrice-weekly strip, in the hopes that would make it funnier... Unfortunately, I'm not very good at strips, but try it out and maybe you'll like it. Plus it's now in color, which makes it easeir to read ^_^.


Fox Tales (drama, superhero?, ongoing) A bunch of 'not-normal people' (comic books call them mutants) try to live their lives and face all sorts of problems, both everyday and extraordinary.

Kind of an American-style comic book, but minus the Spandex, and with lots less action, and lots more character interaction. Sometimes black-and-white, sometimes computer color, but always rather rough pencil sketches (so far). The next issue (and any following ones) will have a new artist, or possibly artists, so they should look nicer. This is the first comic series I ever did (I started it back in high school, and haven't drawn any new issues for a couple years...)

 jenner and olivia

Courtly Love (shoujo, or, if you'd rather, drama and romance, ongoing) A queen and those surrounding her deal with love in a pseudo-medieval setting.

This is rather disjointed because I used to enter it in a contest online where you get a couple topics a month that you're supposed to base your manga around (well, you only have to base it around one, but I always go for them both...). But it's in color! It's turning into one of my more popular series.


 Answered Prayer (note comic, dramedy, ongoing) A young man wishes for a girl, but winds up with two...

By 'notecomic,' I mean something I draw on the top margins of my school notes, which rather restricts what I can do...and it's very sketchy... Still, the story has its's not updated as often as it should be... It's surprisingly popular, however.


Jixo (sci-fi, drama, modern-day, ongoing) Two beings--both pretty much human in appearance, and both with the ability to go into the minds of humans and each other--wind up on two different spots on Earth. But what are they here for?

This one's completely drawn/shaded in pencil. I've got a certain fondness for it, but most people don't like it or get it or whatever. There should be enough up right now that you can understand it, anyway (the first two or three chapters are very confusing--or so I've been told). Makes more sense if you read it twice, I've heard. ^_^;;;

Mair the Defender (comedy, romance, fantasy) Mair wants to win the heart of the guy she loves. And what better way to accomplish that than by protecting him from the evils of high school with a magic broadsword?

The only full comic I colored myself--this was the second comic I ever did (and, along with Fox Tales, this was the flagship title of my comics page back in 1997). Used to be my most popular comic, unequivocally--had I actually followed up on that popularity, I probably could've been POPULAR or something by now, but I wanted to do other stuff instead. Oh well... The art is iffy at best (I had been watching Anime for all of two or three months when I started, and my main experience with drawing it was copying some Sailor Moon valentines I bought). In fact, the reason it's in color was to mask my horrid drawing skills. (Didn't work.) But it really is pretty funny (if you can put up with the art)...

Super Quick Comic (assorted, but generally comedy) No ongoing plot; just the short (rarely more than three pages) I drew for the heck of it, or comics I drew as gifts for other people, etc. Some are in-jokes, but there's some good stuff there, too, I think--if you want a quick read, check it out. Has a Rurouni Kenshin fan comic; if I do any more comics based off professionals' work, they'll probably go here.


A World Without Shoelaces (sci-fi, drama, future, ongoing?) It's the year 2053. How does a girl who loves the past cope with the future? What part does a tormented like mind play?

I've only got six pages of this one up; I thought the art was above my average. The story is kind of weird (story? What story?). I really do have one in mind, but it'll be a while...

 natalie and connor

 Ten Minutes (magic-type, drama) A young lady finds a dog on her doorstep... A Christmas story. Sort of.

It's short (19 pages, completed) but, I think, sweet, and not that horribly drawn...I did it all in something like two weeks; the art and scanning, etc., were all done in a week.... ^^;

The Problem of Happiness (realistic, philisophical, drama) A teenager decides to end it all. Why?

This is a completed work (25 pages), and probably one of my most 'critically acclaimed' works (earning praise from most of the pseudo-deep-thinkers who have managed to read it). Although as I reread it with my intro to philosophy class a year behind me, the second half just seemed downright strange... (maybe that's the point?) If nothing else, notable for the line "YOU CALL THIS PORNOGRAPHY?"

Priceless Gifts (realistic, family, drama) An alienated middle-child discovers what's really important.

Another completed work (11 pages)--actually drawn for a monthly manga submission place. Kind of similar to The Problem of Happiness, really... Very sketchy style. Clichéd but still sweet?

Stone Fighters (adventure, comedy, magical powers?) Three kids have magic stones that allow them to do cool energy-based stuff. But someone else wants to steal their powers...

Work-in-progress, drawn by Kendra, but written by me. Written probably two years ago (and it shows!). Nice computer art, though....oh, wait, I didn't do that part....

Dream Love (surrealistic?) Erm. A girl has a rather strange boyfriend...

A completed work done for a class ("Creative Self-Expression"). Drawn back before I really knew how to draw anywhere near manga style (and I was actually PROUD of the comic when I finished!). Oh well. Just plain STRANGE, not to mention horribly drawn--but at least it's a quick read?




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