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A story of a broken home, and what's really important.

The style: This manga is sketchy for a couple reasons. You could call it a statement on society as a whole. But it's not. ^_^ The real reasons--one, it was done for the M.O.M., so I had to do it quickly. (Well, OK, I had a whole MONTH to do it, but I am rather busy this semester!). Also, I used a Sakura Gelly Roll pen, and when I tried to ink the panel edges with a ruler, the darned thing wouldn't start! So when I finally had a panel inked, it looked rather sketchy. Oops. But I DID intend to do the 'shading' and stuff they way I did it, though.

The story: If you liked "The Problem of Happiness," you'll either like this, or think it's a cheap ripoff of my own work. (How stupid of me, huh! ^^;;;) But I think it's a kind of sweet story, despite being 100% cliched and at least 99% improbable...