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 "I can but think that the world would be better and brighter if our teachers would dwell on the duty of happiness as well as the happiness of duty; for we ought to be as bright and genial as we can, if only because to be cheerful ourselves is a most effectual contribution to the happiness of others."
--Sir John Lubbock

"To do as you would be done by, and to love your neighbor as yourself, constitute the ideal perfection of utilitarian morality."
--John Stuart Mill

This manga is the darkest I've done yet (1998). If you've read any of my other comics, this one will probably surprise you, possibly shock you. Some people won't be able to believe that the creator of "Mair the Defender" was able to write something so dark. It does get lighter as it goes along (in reverse of most Anime, which starts out light and gets darker). Anyway, I hope you like it!
--Julie Bihn

The Manga
Completed 8.15.98

The Origin
(contains spoilers for the first few pages)

The Materials
This is the first manga I've used a dip pen throughout (a Hunt Crow Quill 102 nib for the art (107 after page 12), a Hunt 512 ex-fine for lines and lettering, and a Hunt 56 school nib for some dots). My ink is Design Higgins waterproof drawing ink (the only thing in the store that contained the words 'India' and 'waterproof' without the word 'non'). It's pretty cool stuff, though; kinda like paint, since it doesn't quite dry flat on the paper. The paper is about 8 inches by 12 inches, cut from the finest 12 by 18 inch pad my local craft store has to offer (which is not that good). Then, the final art is shrunk down (via photocopier or graphics program) to an approximate 6 by 9 size for the Web. Oh, and this manga also contains a LOT of correction fluid, especially early on. And don't forget the lovely Sakura pigment-based pens for touch-ups! 


This manga copyright 1998 by Julie Bihn. Please do not steal my art without my permission (but you can print the comic out for your own uses, if you want, although it won't look too good, since it's scanned for monitor resolution--but just DON'T SELL IT!) This manga has nothing to do with my life. If you're chronically depressed, maybe you shouldn't read this manga...just please don't get any ideas from it. PLEASE do NOT do anything drastic, whoever you are! If you need to talk someone, e-mail me. I can listen, really. Okay?

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