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Ever wonder who my favorite characters from my various series are? ...well, if you actually did, this is the right place for you to be! Hm...most of them are guys...just like in Anime...oh well... ^^; I *think* I have some strong females in my comics...don't I?

Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes

Mark. He's actually much more like me than Jenny is. (Only richer. Much richer.) Plus I kind of like dumb guys (provided they're good-natured...) I think I might find him a bit annoying if I knew him in real life (what with the cross-dressing and all), but he's really a good guy.

Fox Tales

It varies, but at the moment, I'd probably say Mindy. Maybe because I wrote a short story about her childhood (that went over fairly well with my class), but probably because...oh, I don't know--I used to literally be semi-frightened of her (she was supposed to be veryscary), but now...I don't pity her (she'd kill me if I did ^^;) but....I think she's neat--she's done awfully well with herself, for all the stuff she's been through.... A semi-favorite is also David; about half of that is due to the role-playing I've done with a friend, her characters, and my Fox Tales characters.... I used to like Miranda and Jeremy (Miranda's just like me; Jeremy don't know why I liked him so much... ^^;), but that's changed, for whatever reason...(maybe I'm sick of myself? ^^;;;;;)


Kaln. I am a little ashamed to say that I kind of like him less now that I've changed his character design so he's not quite so attractive (in my eyes, anyway). ^^; Well, that and I've changed his personality somewhat from my original conception--he's still practically Fiaona's slave, but he *has* gained a backbone in other matters... Well, we'll see, eh? ^_^; Another of those guys who's putty for a woman. I like those. ^^;


Courtly Love

Miriam and Jenner. Yeah, it's a weaselly tossup. ^_-;;; I like Miriam because she actually has a personality...I like her past, too. She really is a good person (in my eyes, anyway), but she doesn't think she is... Jenner is handsome and disgustingly loyal to his lady, which I appreciate...although he's been getting so boring lately; I've tried to make him more interesting, but..^^;;;;; (I really like his food obsession, though.)


Answered Prayer

Elizabeth. You'll really have to wait and see 'til the end why I like her...but...well...she's much smarter than Alisoun (nicer, too), and Jeff...well, he's one of my standard guys...^^;;; I also like Elizabeth's glasses, although I always forget to draw them on...^^;;; I like Jamie too (Jeff's little sister), but she's kind of a minor character...

Mair the Defender

Mair. Yes, she looks just like me, yes, she gets pointless crushes like I do (well, I haven't had too many lately, at least...) but she's got GUTS. I really like her. ^_^


A World Without Shoelaces

Robert. Unfair of me to say that, though, as he hasn't come in yet (not even in the second draft of my PLANS for the series--he won't be in until at least the third chapter. Assuming I make it that far; my story's not really very unique, so I'm wondering if I should write the rest... ^^;).

The Problem of Happiness

Benjamin. He's just a little bundle of contradictions (I'm much more like Kate, though, of course). I mean, I like Kate too, but Benjamin is so much more interesting, you know?

Stone Fighters

Gregory. Trish is a wimp (she's been through a lot, though) and Kandi's just annoying (well, I didn't think she was when I was writing her, but I've revised my opinion). Greg's just the generic good-natured guy, but, well, he's nice. ^_^ I have a fondness for Ethan, too (mostly because Kendra drew him so pretty! ^_^;), but...well...he never was gifted with a personality, so... Plus I think Greg's a cool name. ^_^;;;




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