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"Vigilante justice. You get what you pay for."

Here is the first page, ever.

Here is the first page of the current arc.

** And here is the newest page! **
updated 1.29.05

Recent updates:

1.29.05 One more page!

12.9.04 Sorry I'm late, but here's another page!

11.29.04 Another page!

11.22.04 Another page!

11.15.04 A page out of the blue! If I'm not lazy I'll get the next *3* pages up in as many weeks, so stay tuned! (They're already drawn; all I have to do is HTML and upload...)

8.2.04 Yes, one more update!

4.9.04 Another update!

3.28.04 Sorry; I just plain forgot to update. ^^; New page up!

3.20.04 Wow, an update! Please read the news there, especially if you fancy yourself an artist. Speaking of artists, there's a new piece of guest art; check it out!

8.19.03 A regularly lazy page.

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