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Probably contains spoilers for most of the issues, so you'd probably best read this after you've read the comics (this can be a refresher or whatever). If anyone has any 'best lines' from any of the characters, e-mail them to me and I'll put them up here with your name and e-mail or URL (if you have one).

Is your favorite character not listed? Let me know and I'll fix it! ^_^ (As it is, this is most of the major players...)


Name: Mark Hawkins
A.K.A. The rich guy
Age: 21
Birthday: June 16
Height: 5'7
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Vigilante; mutli-millionaire
Likes: Reader's Digest; Hun (his cat); Maria (his girlfriend); TV dinners; ER; Anime; cross-dressing(?)
Dislikes: Public displays of cursing
First appearance: Introduction page 1

Mark has been Jenny's friend since high school. (He probably made friends with her shortly after his parents' deaths, actually.) Mark has a rather short attention span, and he loves most things media-oriented. He seems like a basically good-hearted person; he's very rich (all inherited from his parents), but generous to the point of stupidity. (If his Corvette gets scratched, he'll just buy a new one and give the old one to charity!) Although he is rich, this guy's kind of a few dollars short of a twenty, if you catch my drift...

What was I thinking when I created Mark? In my original sketches, Mark threw knives, I believe... He was pretty much the same character as he is now when I made him. (With even stupider hair. ^_-)



Name: Jenny Asher
A.K.A. The girl
Age: 23
Birthday: February 6
Height: 5'7
Hair: Black
Eyes: Purple
Occupation: Vigilante; housewife
Likes: Kids; singing along with bad '80s songs; bad soap operas; Samuel (her husband); ER; driving; VCRs
Dislikes: Fishnet stockings; psychiatrists
First appearance: Introduction page 1

Like Mark, Jenny loves fighting crime (although of course she occasionally gets frustrated with her partner...). One of the things that bothers her most about her life in general is that she and Samuel can't even afford a car. She's nowhere near as generous as Mark (although she also doesn't have much to give), and she has a shorter fuse. She's a bad liar (unlike Mark, who simply just *doesn't* lie) and possesses the 'mighty kick of doom'--worse than Maria's... (She's got the most physical strength of anyone in the series...)

What was I thinking when I created Jenny? One of the important elements of this series is that Mark and Jenny will never be a couple. Initially I had it so that she just didn't WANT a husband, but I decided it would be easier if I just married her off. ^^; (Besides, you can only have so many rich characters in a series, and I needed her to have SOME reason she could be a vigilante, which is a non-paying job for her...) She's always been physically strong, and she's always had the braid...



Name: Samuel Asher
A.K.A. That guy with the rainbow hair, Jenny's husband, or what's-his-name
Age: 25
Birthday: November 11
Height: 5'8
Hair: Currently rainbow
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Salesperson at Beth's Costume Shoppe
Likes: Motorcycles; being a breadwinner; bad romance movies
Dislikes: ER; psychiatrists; dealing with conflict
First appearance: Home Life page 1

Samuel's kind-hearted, and not exceedigly vain, but draws the line at baldness. He recently decided he kind of likes having rainbow hair. Most of his motivations are unclear, except he's very much in love with his wife, Jenny, and he has a hangup with having to support the household monetarily. Which is one of the main reasons he and Jenny are quite poor. He wears socks to bed.

What was I thinking when I created Samuel? Er...Jenny needed a husband. ^^; As said above, I haven't put as much thought into him as I should have... Oh, and he's got that awful nose so he actually looks a little different from my other characters. ^^;



Name: Hun
A.K.A. Mark's cat
Age: 16
Birthday: August 19
Height: about 2'7 from head to tail
Fur: White with brown spots
Eyes: Green
Occupation: Loud, spoiled, lazy cat
Likes: TV dinners; sleeping; Mark; watching TV
Dislikes: vets; hot dogs; regular dogs that are more than four times her size; giant Pokéballs
First appearance: Home Life page 2

Hun is Mark's cat, and is exceedingly lazy, and not always too bright. Mark is extremely fond of this feline (but that's a story in and of itself).

What was I thinking when I created Hun? Can't say; would spoil entire story arc. She acts kind of like my cat...



Name: Maria Rossin
A.K.A. The other girl; Mark's girlfriend
Age: 20
Birthday: September 1
Height: 5'4
Hair: Brown to auburn
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Perfume saleswoman at a high-end department store
Likes: Jack in the Box (fast food chain); jewelry; perfume; Japanese history
Dislikes: Cats; public displays of stupidity
First appearance: The Weekend page 3

Maria is Mark's girlfriend--although she often gets angry at him. She doesn't spend all that much time with him... She generally likes nice (read expensive) stuff, but spending too much time with Mark gives her the urge to go slumming... She also generally smells very nice.

What was I thinking when I created Maria? Obviously not much (judging from the first few pages she's in). I only got a grasp of her after she and Jenny had been on most of their case. (It was actually a very pleasant surprise to somehow get the idea to make Maria and Jenny work together... ^_^)


Name: Cat
A.K.A. Maria's cat
Age: ?
Birthday: ?
Fur: Gray
Eyes: Yellow
Height: about 2'3 from head to tail
Occupation: Vocal yet affectionate cat
Likes: Maria; dry cat food; being rubbed under the chin; playing
Dislikes: Cowardice?
First appearance: Catastrophe page 6

Cat kind of glommed onto Maria, who finally grew to like him. I think it's a him. Maria called it a 'he;' Jenny called it a 'her' at first, but I think the general consensus is that it's a 'he.'

What was I thinking when I created Cat? much that he didn't get a name... ^^; Basically he was meant to glom onto Maria and annoy her, then grow on her... He really acts kind of like I wish Maggie (my cat) would.



Name: Mr. Hoffman
A.K.A. That guy who's into cat wrestling
Age: 29
Birthday: March 30
Height: 5'9
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Investor; cat trainer
Likes: Cat wrestling; giving to the poor; gambling; cats; catgirls; Pokémon; psychiatrists
Dislikes: Being labeled 'crazy;' idiots who didn't know cat wrestling was legal
First appearance: Catastrophe page 11

Okay, so I didn't bother to give this guy much of a personality....he's frighteningly like Mark, only NOT as dense (which is impressive, since he's into cat wrestling... ^^;). Stock character bad guy who isn't really bad...

What was I thinking when I created Mr. Hoffman? little that he didn't get a first name. ^^; Originally, someone was supposed to really be catnapping cats, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. (Surprised me, anyway.) I couldn't even give him a unique character design (dead ringer for Andrew from JIXO...)



Name: Dr. Dora Schlagel
A.K.A. The psychiatrist
Age: 34
Birthday: May 6
Height: 5'6
Hair: Brown with bits o' gray
Eyes: Gray
Occupation: Psychiatrist
Likes: Cars; cross-dressers; chewing on the end of her pencil; using Freud to analyze stuff (wait a minute...)
Dislikes: Sexism
First appearance: Psychoatry page 1

The psychiatrist who's obsessed with money? She's really not a very good/sensitive psychiatrist, but she DOES enjoy hearing sordid stories... ^_^;

What was I thinking when I created Dora? Honestly, not much--I just now threw her name in a PLAN... However, I've actually grown to like her--not from anything that's up as of today (10/22/99) but I like her in the next plan or two--I guess it's her stubborn feminism...^_^ Oh, yeah, her name's 'Dora,' named after a pseudonym of one of Freud's likely botched case analyses that I read in Humanities class. ^_^


Name: Carson Templeton
A.K.A. Maria's friend; the fish guy
Age: 19
Birthday: October 27
Height: 5'9
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Dark blue
Occupation: Formerly a fisherman; currently unemployed
Likes: Money; fighting; Maria; Chrissy; girls in general (but especially angry ones)
Dislikes: Kids
First appearance: Catastrophe page 20 (on phone); Psychoatry page 10 (in photograph); Comparison Model page 7 (in person)

Maria's foster brother. He had a thing for her--actually, he still does--but Maria's heart belongs to Mark. Probably. He's also quite smitten with Jenny's sister Chrissy. Carson has a stronger punch than Jenny (but Jenny's kick is several times stronger than his, so she'd take him in a fight ^_-).

What was I thinking when I created Carson? Must...make...bishounen... ^_- Seriously, I realized I had no long-haired characters. I *tried* to make him look identifiably different than my other characters (ooh, I'll give him a pointy chin! ^_-), but of course he looks just about the same as everyone else... He's got fake long hair (ie. a ponytail that only shows in back) because I really don't go for long hair (which makes me a very abnormal female Anime fan ^_-). Could it be...another nice guy? I like wimps or something? ^^; I do like Carson, but Mark will always be number one. Yeah. ^_- (Well, of guys in THIS series...) I'm 90% sure the name 'Carson' came from the author Carson McCullers (who's female). Not that punk Carson Daly. Well, that and I just thought the name sounded cool. ^_-;



Name: Skip Louis
A.K.A. The archnemesis
Age: 27
Birthday: July 6
Height: 5'8
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Unknown
Likes: Ralph Nader; national health care; the occasional well-placed act of vengeance
Dislikes: Capitalism
First appearance: Exchange Rate page 1

Mark's mortal enemy (though he's rather ambivalent towards Jenny). Mark's parents laid Skip's parents off, and his mother eventually died... So now he wants to take it out on Mark. Even though he's bought off pretty easily, really. He's also extremely stupid when it comes to women.

What was I thinking when I created Skip? I realized Mark and Jenny needed nemesises. (Nemesi?) I tried to make them opposites of Mark and Jenny. Skip's name can also be used as an action verb, like Mark, and he wears a light overtop a dark shirt (Mark's is more of a sweater, and a dark sweater over a light shirt but you get the idea). His hair's short, but that's because he's one of my guys. ^_- The rest of his hair, and his serious nature, are more of a takeoff of Jenny. I think even Skip's knife is reminiscent of the earliest Mark designs I had, where his weapon was a knife.



Name: Suzie Louis
A.K.A. The bad guy's girlfriend/wife, what's-her-name, the one in the short skirt, etc.
Age: 26
Birthday: September 21
Height: 5'5
Hair: Reddish
Eyes: Light blue
Occupation: Unknown
Likes: Ralph Nader; national health care; Skip; technology; Disney films; puzzles
Dislikes: Capitalism
First appearance: Exchange Rate page 1

She got caught up with Skip hoping to get a cut of Mark's money, even though both she and Skip agreed (Sailors Neptune and Uranus-style) that if something happened to the one, the other should still persue the goal of making Mark miserable, at any cost. But she found herself falling in love with him...

What was I thinking when I created Suzie? Suzie was meant vaguely to be Jenny's opposite, though the clothes aren't really related. Her name can be shortened to Suze, or lengthened to Suzanne. (Just like Jenny can be shortened to Jen or lengthened to Jennifer.) Unfortunately, all the girls in Jenny's family were supposed to have that trait, which means a lot of names in the series end in an 'ie' sound... She's not too bright, like Mark, and has Mark-like bangs.



Name: "Iron Chef" Campbells
A.K.A. The chef/limo driver
Age: 32
Birthday: July 21
Height: 5'7
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Turquoise
Occupation: Chef (for Mark)
Likes: Food Network, fantasy novels
Dislikes: Masks; Campbell's soup
First appearance: Exchange Rate page 32

Ah, yes, Iron Chef Campbells. Pretty popular fellow, all things considered, even if much of his act is pure silliness. He's worse than Mark!

What was I thinking when I created Campbells? Not much. But I finally had cable so I liked the show "Iron Chef." ^_^



Name: Chrissy Berber
A.K.A. Jenny's sister, or, now, the one with glasses
Age: 18
Birthday: August 12
Height: 5'6
Hair: Black
Eyes: Lavender
Occupation: Works retail and goes to a 2-year college
Likes: Popular culture; traveling
Dislikes: Her family
First appearance: Holiday Fun page 2

Jenny's short-tempered younger sister. Possesses a Transformo-Ray, which can produce all kinds of delightful copyright infringements.

What was I thinking when I created Chrissy? That I wanted another character, and to show the world that at least one of my characters has some semblance of a family.



Name: Bethany Valor
The vaguely-gothic blue-haired woman; Samuel's boss
Birthday: January 24
Height: 5'10
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Hazel
Occupation: Runs her own costume shoppe
Likes: Cheetos, gambling
First appearance:
Job Trouble strip 11

The nice woman who decided to hire Samuel, in spite of (or perhaps because of) his rainbow hair.

What was I thinking when I created Bethany? As usual, not much. But I like funny-colored hair. If she gets involved in later stories I'll develop her character more, of course. She's really pretty friendly and isn't even antisocial. As to labelling herself "the vaguely-gothic blue-haired woman," well, nothing can ever top the "gay-looking designer" in Tang's Weekly Comic. Oh well. (But unlike the character that follows the gay-looking designer in Tang's comics, Bethany has no interest in ladies.)

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