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This installment dated 3/10/00.

Is it just me, or is this page getting longer and longer?...

NEXT INSTALLMENT WON'T BE UNTIL ABOUT MARCH 19TH!!!!!!! I'm going out of town and...well, we *have* a scanner at home, but I don't have an html editor, and the scanner's for my mom's old Mac, so it wouldn't work out well (her Mac's so old it won't run anything better than AOL 2.7...)...anyway, I'll be in Las Vegas next Friday, so there's pretty much no way I can update then (well, if I put an extraordinary amount of effort in...but that seems a bit silly since it'll only be a few days late... ^_^;;;). I'll update when I return from Spring Break (about the 19th). Sorry.

Random link of the week:

Keirsey Temperament and Character Web Site Honestly, the tests weren't especially good (I scored as a different personality type between taking the first version and the second version; I think the second was a better test, if only slightly...)... They *did* pin down that I was most definitely an introvert (if anyone knows me that shouldn't shock them at all).... But I like personality tests.

This week's letters for the characters...

Number one from....she knows who she is....

>awww. . *patpats* poor julie chan without any fan mail.

Mark replies: ...that was strange. Who's this Julie chan?
Jenny replies: I think she's talking about...
Mark: The person who belongs to that sloppy signature next to my face in the header of the comic?
Jenny: Bingo!
Mark: Hey, that letter's from the same person who drew me as Miki, huh? (not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Letter number two.

>Dear Mark or Jenny,
>Hi. I'm Dusty.

Jenny replies: Er...hi, Dusty...
Mark replies: Hey! Fika's letting you type now? What, did you steal her laptop or something?
Jenny: ...what are you talking about?
Mark: This!!!
Jenny: ... Anyway, it says 'Dear Mark *or* Jenny,' so I'll just be leaving...

>I was told that you were spotted cruising on by me as I was tied up and in need of helping.
>Why didn't you stop and give me helping? I had to wait around for four hours until these
>other guys ate a meal and then came for me. I had an itch that you wouldn't believe.
>Um, you probably didn't need to know that.

>I need to go.


Mark: What??? I didn't notice any guy tied up!
Mark grabs Carson.
Mark: Did you?
Carson replies:....well, yeah, but I figured it was normal for guys to be tied up on tables in this Crime Ridden Metropolis...(besides, Dusty, I don't like your author, either. So there.)
Mark: What's that supposed to mean? ::goes back to look at past comic:: Well, Dusty, yeah, I guess you're there, all right...sorry, I didn't see you. But I guess you were already tagged, anyway....I don't want to cross, I forget their names, but they're really scary, with the duplicating girl and that AGENT! ::trembles::
Carson: ... ::gets hit by anvil:: OW! What was that for?
Julie replies: Chris made me do it.
Mark and Carson: ......
Mark: Wasn't this supposed to be anonymous???

Next time: I drew a few more plans; that's *probably* a good thing (when I get excited about a story I draw more than just the next week's plan in advance sometimes...). See you in a little over a week (or less, depending on when you read this)? ^_-

This is page 1 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (97 pages cumulative.)