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I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but this way I can easily change my e-mail address if I get a new one. OK?

And please keep the following in mind.

*Please tell me you're talking about my comics page! If you just say "I liked your page" I might not know what you mean. If you liked one series, name it, please.

*I am NOT Julie Dillon. Her work is splendid, but please don't write me to say how much you liked my tutorials or to ask for help using them. I didn't make any tutorials!

*I welcome fan art, which I politely term "guest art." Please do NOT just send me some picture you found lying around or wanted on the Internet. Please draw pictures of my characters or of your characters saying something to or doing something for my characters. (This only applies to strangers, who I'm afraid were abusing my guest art section.) Also, try to keep guest art small--GIFs or JPGs only, and try to keep it under 150 KB.

*If you're talking about my main page please go to that e-mail page. I have more rules there. ^^;

Okay. Now that that unpleasantness is behind us, you may e-mail me (Julie) at

Better yet, check out my comics page BBS!

And for now you can sign my comics guestbook, but I'll probably delete it someday.

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