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Original plan and script by Julie Bihn; art by Zeo.

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This installment dated 1/29/05. Bookmark this page ( and check back every so often for an update!

News: Yay, another mystery artist showing up from out of the blue to do my comic! Didn't she do a good job? If no one else comes forward, she's offered to draw the next page, so once I finish the next plan, you might see some of that presently... (although I really need to work on "Courtly Love"... :P )

I was thinking about having a contest of sorts, but now I'm not so sure. And I will have the first chapter of a rather mediocre novel on my fiction page sometime within the next couple weeks, and hopefully that will be updated regularly. (The latest re-working of "Chosen," if anyone cares.) So keep your eyes there if you miss that kind of writing that only I can do. ^_-

This is page 21 of Arc 19-Murder Most Fowl. (171 pages cumulative.)