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Original plan and script by Julie Bihn; art by Steph Andrews.

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This installment dated 12/9/04. Check back every so often for an update!

News: Thanks for the pretty page, Steph! Your art is so cool!

Sorry to everyone, that I didn't upload on Sunday night/Monday morning...I didn't feel like it. ^^; There's no more updates in the pipeline, so it might be a while before we get another one. Like, someone will have to volunteer to draw a page, then I'll need to draw the plan (I have the plan for the plan around here somewhere, which is a bit of a help ^^; ), and then they'll need to draw the page. So it could be a while. Sorry.

In the meantime, many Tuesday nights, you can watch the TV show Scrubs on NBC. Right now it's on at 8:30 PM CST (9:30 PM for most of the rest of you in America) though it's eventually moving to 8/9 PM. It's one of those shows you actually have to watch, but I think it's the funniest thing on TV. And updated more regularly than my page too! ^_^;

This is page 20 of Arc 19-Murder Most Fowl. (170 pages cumulative.)