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Note: If you cannot stomach 'mushy stuff,' please skip ahead to the next installment to avoid this unpleasantness. I was just trying (and failing!) to establish that Jenny and Samuel have a functional relationship. Sorry. Next week's isn't quite so saccharine...

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This installment dated 5/27/98.

Julie's thought of the week: If you ever want to find out who your REAL friends are, try wearing sparkly green nail polish, and you'll see.

In case you were wondering... I used a dip pen for this week's issue (as opposed to my beloved Uniball pens). In other words, I can vary my line thicknesses fairly effortlessly, although using the pen itself takes some time. I'll probably continue to use a dip pen. This means you get messier, less confident lineart from me (I'm still getting used to the pen!) but I get sorely-needed practice. Hey, this comic's free! Don't complain! ^_-

Next time: See Mark's house. (Aren't you excited?) See you next Wednesday!...I hope...

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