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This installment dated 12/29/00.

I killed even more paintbrushes this week, but the colors, at least, were applied by virtual paintbrushes. ^_^ One of my Christmas gifts this year was a small graphics tablet which comes with an old version of Painter... I honestly doubt I'll continue to 'watercolor' my comics; it'd be almost as quick to just put on flat colors with my shareware graphics program, but I dunno; I wanted to play with my new toy. ^_^; So don't be surprised/offended if next week's is just flat grays, okay? ^_^;;;

Random link of the week: ::grumble grumble:: The series Outlaw Star (try any search engine and there's a good chance you'll find my page for it ^^;) is going to be on Toonami rather soon (January 15th), and ever since the announcement was made, my Outlaw Star page has been hit by a barrage of people wanting to know about the series (many of whom either ask me if the edited version on TV will be any good (I haven't seen it) or e-mailing me after I said I wouldn't reply to e-mails about the site...^^;;; If traffic escalates, as I predict it might, I'll have to move it to a free server. ^^; So anyway, why not go to Toonami's site and send them annoying e-mails and see how THEY like it? ::waits...waits...waits...:: Aw, heck; I don't have time for this.

Uh, try The 24-Hour Comics (I think that's bad grammar ^^;) time I get the time, I'm gonna try one of those myself....since I draw so sloppily--er, quickly, I think I can pull it off.

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday.

This is page 2 of Arc 11-Holiday Fun. (135 pages cumulative.)