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This installment dated 11/6/00.

Yes, I was late, but better late than never? Hopefully a new page next Friday; the house is warm and I have no papers due...

Random link of the week: Iron Chef Compendium I realize most of you may not even have cable...I don't at home, but I do here in this house now...this is a great show. High quality entertainment from Japan. Really. Mostly dubbed.........follow the link and you can get the concept; I'm too out of it right now to write one. ^_^; But that's what the Iron Chef reference was...

And last week's link to MAKE A LITTLE LIGHT BULB IN YOUR SOUL was bad....sorry. ^^; I fixed it now....

Next time: I hope to see you next Friday. ^_^;

This is page 32 of Arc 10-Exchange Rate. (128 pages cumulative.)