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This installment dated 8/27/99.

So Mark and Jenny is finally back! Hopefully I'll be able to keep up this time. I don't know if the 'shading' will stay or not; we'll see. (Probably shading will remain in more moderation...)

Website I stumbled across this week: (courtesy of Excite)

Anomalies Article: Spontaneous Human Combustion
(Search string used on Excite-- +"Reader's Digest" +logo +picture)
Yes, it's some weird stuff, but, as I'm not into conspiracy theories and the paranormal, it was nice to see that most of the cases were debunked. Suddenly spontaneous combustion is not high on my list of fears...

Website to *avoid* for the week:
Bear in mind that my opinion of Reader's Digest is only slightly lower than Mark's.
Their site didn't have what I was looking for (a history of the darned magazine and/or old logos, which I saw a couple of, but without legible dates...). It's mostly a big ad for their magazine and their videos and the like. Biggest insult: feedback forms limited to 300 *characters* or less (another form had a limit of 200 characters *and* suggested that you give a detailed account of your question!). Unless they e-mail me back (with something other than a form letter--which I haven't even received yet!), they're on my anti-bookmark list.

(Except I don't have such a thing, of course--I don't hold a grudge THAT long! ^_-)

Next time: Didja know Jenny really doesn't like psychiatrists? See you next Friday!

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