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Mark and Jenny Personality Test:

By Julie Bihn

Mark this test truthfully, indicating whether you strongly agree (SA), agree (A), disagree (D), strongly disagree (SD), or are unsure about each statement. When you are done, click on the button at the end. The largest number indicates the character most like you; the smallest (probably a negative number) indicates the worst. This is solely for entertainment purposes; don't take the results seriously.






 1. I don't speak much.

 2. If someone wrongs me, I feel angry or hurt about it, even years later.

 3. I am very close to my family.

 4. I love cartoons, and/or comics.

 5. I like to wear revealing clothing.

 6. Sometimes, I let my imagination run away with me.

 7. I think everything will turn out all right eventually.

 8. I think my country should have a system of national health care to replace private insurance (or support it if my country has already adopted this measure).

 9. I hate when people curse.

 10. Love overcomes all.






 11. Violence solves most problems.

 12. I will do what I want to do, no matter what others think.

 13. I often cry.

 14. I want the person I love to be happy, no matter what. It's okay if he or she chooses someone else over me, if that's what he or she wants.

 15. I love to watch dramas on TV.

 16. My hair is a strange colour or an unusual style.

 17. I like the thought of being married.

 18. I like algebra.

 19. I completely trust my friends/significant other.

 20. I love technology and gadgets.






 21. I get/got good grades in school.

 22. I have a lot of friends.

 23. Even people who just met me can tell what I'm thinking right away.

 24. I get very attached to things; I'm kind of a packrat.

 25. I am a feminist.

 26. I love singing along with the radio.

 27. I would be considered eccentric at best.

 28. I love dressing up in costumes (or dressing others up).

 29. When danger comes, I run away.

 30. I can never tell when someone is flirting with me.






 31. I am athletic and strong.

 32. I sometimes hit my friends.

 33. I love cable television.

 34. I think it is very important to obey the law, even if it seems silly.

 35. I love automobiles.

 36. I volunteer my time to charities or other non-profit organizations.

 37. I go to church most weeks.

 38. I am an impulsive person; I will do whatever strikes me as a good idea at the moment.

 39. My friends and/or the people I like are often rather mean to me.

 40. I love cats.

Your best match is the largest number. A negative number indicates a poor match.

This Javascript personality test by Julie Bihn. Don't steal the questions or characters, and if you take/modify the Javascript, please include

This Javascript code originally Julie Bihn

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