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PPast Contests:

Pokémon Contest

Finally, a new contest! (deadline is Tuesday, April 22, 2003)

This contest is over. Congratulations to Jay Ayers, and honorable mention to Fenris! If I have another contest I'll make it harder. ^_^

This one is based on this page, posted April 15, 2003 (give or take). It's simple:

1. Look at the aforementioned page and figure out the names, issue number (if applicable), and URLs of all four of the covers of the comics portrayed in the sixth panel. (They're all somewhere on my comics page, and they're all written and drawn by me.)

Example: (not a real answer!)

JIXO, issue 5,

2. Post your name and e-mail address to this guestbook, along with your correct answers. (I need your e-mail so I can contact you if you win.) Do NOT post your snail mail address! I will e-mail you if I need it. The first person to get all the answers right wins. (It's a Dreambook, so the oldest entries are on the bottom.)

No such thing as partial credit, so if you just post one answer, all you're doing is helping someone who comes after you win. Which is fine too.


The prize is a mailed copy of the comic in the upper left-hand corner of panel, and a small pencil sketch (smaller than half a sheet of paper) of the "Mark and Jenny" character of your choice. (Retail value something like $3. ^^;; )

If you prefer not to give your street address, I will draw the pencil sketch, scan it, and e-mail it to you, and you can read the aforementioned comic online anyway. But I can't send you anything paper if you won't give me your address. (If you're under 18 please get your parents' permission before giving your address to a stranger.)

If you aren't interested in any of those items, well, then no need to bother playing, but thanks for visiting. ^_^


One entry per person, please. But I don't care if you've won something from me before, if you're my friend, or if you're a former roommate of mine; if you want to enter, don't hold back. Anyone can enter and whoever's right first, wins!

(If you mis-post you have 10 minutes to post a new one--the entries are time stamped--and I'll disregard the previous entry, but only if you make it within ten minutes. If an entry occurs between your first and second posts, and if that entry is all correct, it will win over yours.)

And I won't be held liable for any emotional pain you may suffer on account of this contest. ^_- If no one's won by Tuesday, April 22, 2003, the prize will roll over to the next contest, whenever I have one.


If you win I will put your name or alias on my webpage, so be prepared for that. (I'll include your link as well, if you like, as long as it's not too R-rated. ^^; )