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Any contributions are more than welcome--just send the files (or the URLs) to me. Thanks!


Last updated 3.20.04

(And there's some fun crossover pics/pics with many series (including "Mark and Jenny") on my main gallery page.)

 MJ-DIY.JPG A very nicely colored and quite witty comic from Allen Montgomery. Well, it would explain the lack of updates... The only bad part is that although it takes place in the Carribean, there's no greasy-yet-strangely-attractive pirates mincing about. Sigh.

 carsonh.GIF Looks to me like Chris Muse has returned to the land of the living! This picture was inspired by this strip. It's very funny. The picture, not that strip.

 mark_jenner.JPG A rather amusing parody work by Erin McGuire. Makes me wonder why I hadn't thought of it before... Crossover with Courtly Love.

 marknjennyfinal.JPG A rather cute piece by Erin McGuire. Mark and Jenny will never actually date each other (Jenny's married!), but Maria is the jealous type, and Mark and Jenny are close friends, so this scene is entirely possible. (Actually, it's a lot like something that was going to happen, though I'm not sure about that now...) I like Jenny's brown hair; maybe she just has brown hair that's so dark it looks black...

  julibihngift.jpg (800x600) and julibihngiftbig.jpg (1152x864) A beautiful piece of desktop art by my favorite CG artist Julie Dillon. Features Mark in the center (along with Shimon from JIXO and Jenner from Courtly Love). It's nice. ^_^

 ponytail.gif He with the ever-shifting e-mail address, Chris Muse, sent me this. As usual, funnier than my own comic (er, it's supposed to, yeah. Yuh-huh. Leave me alone.)

 maria.JPG My friend I don't e-mail back often enough Steph sent me this chibi pic of Maria, and I procrastinated on putting it up...::thwaks self repeatedly:: Sorry!!!

10000sarah.jpg Actually a belated piece for getting 10000 hits on my comics page... It's from my roommate Perry. I doubt you'll get it, but Mark is dressed up as Miki from "Revolutionary Girl Utena," holding his trademark stopwatch. If you *do* know Utena, you should think it's cute. ^_^

fluffies.GIF Another piece from the president of the Kill Carson Club (if there is such a thing), Chris Muse. Jessica, you're not allowed to look at this one, but I thought it was rather funny.

Mark_Carson.JPG I finally got my roommate (Perry) to read "Mark and Jenny." Given her amusement with (if not enthusiasm for) yaoi (if you don't know what that is, don't ask ^^;), maybe that's not a good idea. ^_^;;; But now I've got all my offline friends save one reading the series like so many rabid dogs... ^_-

julie_gift.jpg A very nicely rendered piece by Cherden. (Drawn from memory, even!) So..much...drawing...skill...

juliegift.jpg Very cute pic from Elaine. Put me in a good mood all day. ^_^

mj-year1.JPG Another one from Allen Montgomery, based on the Catastrophe story arc, which refuses to end... I dunno WHAT color Maria's hair really is, for the record. ^_-;

ruffles.gif From Chris Muse. Possibly one of the most frightening pictures I have yet to see. (What is it with my characters and '70s gear? ^^;;;) The title: "Don't worry, Jenny, I ordered you one too. I even shaved my chest hair into a V! I suppose we can get a tattoo for you or something." (Why can I actually picture Mark doing this? ^^;) While you're at it, you'd better go check out Out of Fika--definitely a twisted comic. I enjoy it. Really.

M&j.GIF From Allen Montgomery, someone who just e-mailed me recently to praise my storylines for my various comics. ^_^

teenjen.JPG From my nice lovely wonderful friend Steff--my first fan art for this series! ^_^ Jenny as a teenager.

brief.JPG This is a scan (!) of a briefcase (!). I painted one side of in a Mark and Jenny theme.

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