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Would you like to have YOUR name and art displayed on this page? Well, then send me a picture with one of my characters in it and I'll put it here!

Note: This gallery is for GIFT ART. That means it's a picture you drew FOR ME, not just a picture you wanted online so you thought I'd send it to my gallery.

Due to some abuse of this section, you may now only have your picture displayed if you draw one of my characters, if you know me (so I know you really drew it as a gift, not just a picture you drew and wanted put on the Internet), or if you put some kind of dedication to me on the picture. If you do none of the above, I will not display your picture.

I hope that doesn't sound too mean, but this is a gallery for my comics page. It's irritating to get submissions from people who probably don't even read my comics, with a picture they drew that was inspired by another artist's website.

For more (nice!) series specific fan art, please check out Mair the Defender, Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, Jixo, Courtly Love, and Fox Tales.


 Juliesitea.jpg A cute picture from Chris Whitlock that incorporates a couple of my comics.


 sun.jpg A nice picture from Cleo.


 jopdance.JPG JopDance sent this cute congratulatory picture for my graduation and my web page's anniversary. Very cute; I like the glasses!


 heather.JPG Heather sent me this lovely picture a LONG time ago. People who actually have friends with Playstations might recognize this as Red XIII from Final Fantasy VII. (Who said there's no reason to learn Roman numerals?) She also credited Julie Dillon's tutorials at for teaching her how to shade and such. (Note to everyone who hasn't figured it out yet--I AM NOT JULIE DILLON! Not that I mind being mistaken for someone who's so much better an artist than me, but it gets embarrassing...) Anyway, it's Heather's first CG, and it's quite good.


 jixo1.JPG Nate sent me this cool picture of Fiaona and Shimon (plus Fiaona's necklace/pendant) from Jixo. He asked me to put it in the main gallery, and who am I to say no...?


 heatherreid.JPG Lady Saberstrike made this cool sketch of Heather from Fox Tales (also my only pic for my 40,000th hit), and I took forever and a day to put it up... 


 JulieFan.JPG A nice picture from Terra, featuring Mark from Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, Shimon from Jixo, and Young Gregory and Jenner from Courtly Love,


  birthdaycg.JPG A non-series specific picture by Erin McGuire; Anime Erin appears to be giving a present to me. Nice. ^_^


 prettyjenner1152.JPG Another desktop from Julie Dillon, this time for my three year anniversary/20,000 hits. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Spectacular. Mind-numbingly good. Look at it. Now. You heard me.

Do NOT link to this to use it as a messageboard icon! Some not-very-nice person actually did so; if someone does it again, I may take the picture offline, or figure out ways to prohibit linking.


 julibihngift.jpg (800x600) and julibihngiftbig.jpg (1152x864) A beautiful piece of desktop art by my favorite CG artist Julie Dillon. It has Shimon from JIXO, Mark from "Mark and Jenny," and Jenner from "Courtly Love," all looking particularly sexy. See for yourself!


 bdaycakes.JPG A downright ADORABLE picture from Steph, who insisted it wasn't very good, and was, of course, lying; not only is it wittier than anything I've drawn in quite a while, but it's colored better, too! Oh, right, it was for my birthday, too. ::thanks Steph profusely::


 ANGELR~1.GIF A very pretty piece from Black Stealth, in thanks for all the help I gave....whatever that might have been...^_- (If anyone wants any advice, I'll give it. Good advice, no, but advice, sure.)

10000sarah.jpg Yay! My roommate loves me too! doesn't sound good... ^^;;; Anyway, you're probably not likely to understand this lovely pic Perry gave me unless you both read "Mark and Jenny" *and* follow my random links of the week (well, unless you happen to like "Revolutionary Girl Utena"... ^_^;). Mark is dressed as Miki, with a 10000 hits stopwatch. Like I said, if you don't know the series, you won't get it. ^_^;;; It sure is a pretty picture, though, isn't it?

Y2K10K.GIF Another piece from Steph; this one's a really funny comic... (Today's show is brought to you buy the letter 'K'... ^_-) The character in there is her character Talia...

julienice.JPG (I changed the file name; don't think Steph's stuck up about her abilities or anything... ^_-...wait, now it sounds like *I'm* stuck up...) A cute picture of Anime Julie, drawn in history class, by Steph.

james.gif Kendra/Pangaea drew me a pic of my favorte Pokémon character. Isn't he KAWAII??? I'll just go off and be jealous of her CG skills now. ^_-


 JULIEC~1.JPG Black Stealth sent me this less than 12 hours after the 5000th hit. (And then admonished me to study and get my projects done. ^_^;) Very cute; I love the rendition of Anime Julie.


perry.JPG Our RA in our dorm made us make cards for our roommates. Here's a good deal of the front of the one my roommate made me (Anime Julie is saying 'Oro,' Kenshin's catchphrase, and something I get to say a lot around my crazy friends. ^_- I was too lazy to scan the inside of the card; it's all lovely in-jokes anyway. ^_^


Julie.JPG Drawn by Erin, colored by Shannon. Granted, it wasn't technically made for this likes my comics, and Shannon always reads my plans for "Mark and Jenny" before the comic's done, always saying "Kawaii!" about the cats...

OK, this picture is really of me dressed up as Himura Kenshin, 'cuz I dressed up as him for last Halloween (and a couple times for Anime screenings...). But I stole the idea to be wearing his outfit as Anime Julie from Erin. So there. ^_^;


 julie5000.jpg Amberle Johnson drew this for my 5000th hit on my MAIN page. It features a couple characters of hers (and the ever-popular Anime Julie--WHOA, a fanart with ME in it instead of Mair, my alter-ego who happens to look almost exactly like me...). ^_^


"Mair the Offender" Clay's gift for my 2000th hit. (This guy should get a job working for Hard Copy! ^_-)


"Still More Crossover Craziness" Clay Boutilier's (very funny!) gift art since he was unfortunate enough to be my 1000th hit.


4julie.gif One Clay drew for his comic. Mair's trying to comfort the book's lead character, yada yada yada, you know the drill.


Other Gift Art


  girl.JPG From Mat.


  girl.GIF From Alex Sanchez, who credits "Julie Dillon, Naoko Takeuchi and my art friends" for inspiring her.


bamboo.JPG Drawn by Lanie; she doesn't have a scanner, but it's still cute.


 For more (nice!) series specific fan art, please check out Mair the Defender, Mark and Jenny: Vigilantes, Jixo, Courtly Love, and Fox Tales.

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