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Issue 1: The Beginning
Issue 2: New Arrival
Issue 3: Happy New Year
Issue 4: Drive Bys and Bunnies
Issue 5: The Other Side
Issue 6: Don't Mind Me
Issue 7: Like Rats
Issue 8: True Love Never Dies
Issue 9: Reunion
Issue 10: Sacrifices
Issue 11: Beauty and the Beast
Issue 12: Wedding Day of the Dead
Issue 13: Betrayal
Issue 14: Never Say Die
Issue 15: Forgiveness
Issue 16: Safety in Numbers
Issue 17: Spring Break pt. 1
Issue 18: Spring Break pt. 2
Issue 19: The Great Outdoors
Issue 20: Higher Education
Issue 21: Child Trouble

Other stuff:

Guest art 10.1.01
Character Notes
Model sheets 5.21.99

 Last update: 10.30.03 (Guest art...well, technically, four guest covers, but...)

Issue 21 is now online!

If anyone likes this series, could you please e-mail me and tell me which characters you want to see more of/learn more about, and/or where you see the series headed? It would help me out a lot; I'm really really out of touch with my own characters, but I'm trying to write more scripts...

Issue 22 is drawn and will eventually be online, but I can't say when, since I'm not coloring it. I'll try to get whoever colors it to get it done as soon as they can, but I'm horrible at that.

Issue 21: Child Trouble

Matt and Daisy reveal some secrets, and Jonathan and Anna visit the hospital...

If you're new here: I reccomend reading the current issue anyway, and, if you like it, go back and read the previous issues (since my art and storytelling skills are much worse in the earlier issues).


This month's issue is colored and lettered by Sarrah "Nightlyre" Phipps.

Link to me! (well, if you want to use a super weird button... ^^;)


Julie Bihn's Fox Tales was originally drawn from 1995-1997... I'm currently working on more scripts; if someone wishes to draw them, they may e-mail an art sample to me, and I may get around to writing a script for you to draw. No promises, though...
If you would like to draw fan art, please do (and you can send it to me!), but do not reproduce these comics (unless for your own enjoyment) without my permission. And do NOT try to sell this comic without my permission, either!