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Fox Tales stuff--this is guest art and desktops sent to me by fans and well-wishers. ^_^


My friend Nightlyre sent me these desktops she drew...well...months ago...I finally decided to put them up. ^_^;;;;;





Guest Art:

 cheryl.GIF Cheryl sent me this wonderful picture of most of the cast of Fox Tales FAR too long ago, and I just now finally got around to putting it online. ^^;

 foxykris.JPG JopDance (who seems to be fond of anthro-type creatures ^_-) sent me this picture of Kris as, well, a fox. Quite cute.

 mindyc.JPG Cheryl drew this beautiful pic--on an online Oekaki board, nonetheless! She's the talented young woman who drew Fox Tales 22, so look forward to whenever it gets lettered/colored/uploaded...

 heatherreid.JPG Lady Saberstrike made this cool sketch of Heather (also my only pic for my 40,000th hit), and I took forever and a day to put it up...

 miranda.GIF Steph sent me this sketch she did...isn't blue great?

foxtalesmo.JPG Mo sent me this beautifully shaded piece. (It has more than just Miranda in it. ^_^) (...and I took way too long to put it up, too...^^;;;)

 Guest Covers:
 W. Allen Montgomery got a couple folks to draw guest covers for Fox Tales 21...covers which I procrastinated about putting up until I finally lost them. But he re-posted them and now they are here! Complete with explanations by Allen himself.


 FT21-a.jpg Layout by W. Allen Montgomery, drawn by Travis Pitts, colored by W. Allen Montgomery.

Quoth Allen: "Travis is probably the best cartoonist I ever met. He draws with Sharpie pens and does touch-up with plain ol' WhiteOut. This piece was particularly messy with the WhiteOut, but it scanned well. He hadn't read FT, so he didn't know what I was asking him to draw. For example, he didn't know Jonathan was purple. He did a great job, though. "


 FT21-b.jpg Original layout by W. Allen Montgomery, modified layout by Ben and Coffee Shop Matt, drawn by Ben Gagné, colored by W. Allen Montgomery.

Quoth Allen: "Ben is a great cartoonist with a very distinctive style. He's always looking to try and do something a different way. My original layout was very flat and straightforward, but he put the off-kilter angle to it. Pretty neat, I must say. That must be a pretty cool hospital to have a copy of MOJO magazine, tho... :) "


 FT21-c.jpg Drawn and colored by W. Allen Montgomery.

Quoth Allen: " I thought this turned out pretty well. Still a bit much with the Photoshop pre-fab textures, but it's okay. Check out that clever pun - "Bargain" Bihn Comics! HAHA! I'm so witty! And dig the Pink Floyd poster on the wall!"


 FT21-d.jpg Drawn and colored today (presumably 10/29/03) by W. Allen Montgomery.

Quoth Allen: "This was supposed to be drawn by a guy I worked with named Cory, but he copped out. I gave him the easiest of all the layouts (no background), and he didn't even try to do it. He was one of those types who enjoyed talking about drawing more than actually drawing. And when he did draw it was with a mechanical pencil. If you know what I mean... Ah, well. I finally drew it myself just today, and I thought it came out okay. Note the re-vamped JBC logo."


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