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Mair the Defender

Book 1

Chapter 1: The Start of Something Strange
Chapter 2: Mair the Defender
Chapter 3: The Split
Chapter 4: A Battle
Chapter 5: Home Again

Other stuff:

Guest Art

 Last update: 7.23.00 (new Guest Art)

Have you ever had a crush on someone? What if you had the courage to approach your love? Could you prove you were different? Special? Worth loving?...

Without resorting to violence?

Mair was MiSTed! (with my permission) Unfortunately, the MSTing seems to have dropped off the face of the earth...^^;;;

This manga is currently in a state of hiatus. Odds are I'll eventually do something else with it, but I've really got about a dozen other new projects I'm more interested in... If you would like me to work on it some more, please sign this guestbook to let me know.

Otherwise, click here to read the first book of Mair the Defender! (I finished it in June of 1998, so its style isn't quite up to par with my usual level of mediocrity...)

Note: Swords are dangerous, and should not be used as toys.

Mair the Defender and all related characters and storylines copyright Julie Bihn 1997-2000