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a world without shoelaces 

A World Without Shoelaces

The Comic (sample)

Promotional Art

Guest art 1.14.02

joe and kiraI've got several pages of this online; I'm pretty sure I'll DRAW more, but not entirely sure I'll put them online. I was thinking of putting this out myself in zine format; we'll see what happens. I actually put effort into the ART of this manga; the plot has been rolling around in my head for a long time.

New Stuff:

Guest art! 1.14.02

I'm working on plans for this manga now--if you're interested in seeing them (they're horribly sketchy; trust me on this--you probably won't even be able to decipher them...) e-mail me and I'll consider letting you see some of the plans, assuming you're willing to give me feedback on plot, etc. I'm trying to make this a GOOD comic.

And if you're really really bored, check out ; the site has real audio samples of stuff by the Mysteries of Life, including one for the song "Kira's Coming Over," which is where Kira got her name. In fact, their whole album "Keep a Secret" kind of fits the mood of this manga, I thought...(I'd love to make it the soundtrack for this manga, but something tells me RCA would not like that too much.) If you like the samples on the webpage, I highly reccomend buying at least the Mysteries of Life's RCA albums. They're VERY good; these guys are probably my favorite band. (I just hope they haven't broken up; last I heard, they were leaving RCA ^^;;;)

A World Without Shoelaces and all related characters, storylines, and art copyright Julie Bihn 1998-1999

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